M&M 50-Cent Allowance

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M&M 50-Cent Allowance

Postby Kitty62 » Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:17 pm

Date Posted: 17:27:57 10/13/07 Sat
Author: valerie
Subject: M&M poem request for 50c allowance..*SMILE*

Hi again..I posted a message that did not post..lol..cannot remember what it said..geeeeesh...
I have Crafty Me 2's poem..so if anyone wants to add the M&M colors or another poem..feel free...
Crafty Me2..thanks again for sharing your creativity

[> Re: M&M poem request for 50c allowance..*SMILE* -- va, 20:45:25 10/13/07 Sat [1]

M&M Allowance

Red is for a penny
Orange is for a dime
Blue is for a nickel
Yellow's just in time
Brown is for a quarter
Green for fifty cents
Don't spend it all in one place
Allowance is Heaven sent!
Eat these M&M's with pleasure
Think of memories you treasure.
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