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Postby Kitty62 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:20 pm

Date Posted: 11:39:58 11/23/07 Fri
Author: granniekato3
Subject: M^M poem needed plz

I was looking through ALL the poems today and saw something that caught my eye....we need a BAH HUMBUG m&m poem... any brave soul out there can help me??? TIA....Kathy

[> Re: M^M poem needed plz -- jacksmum, 15:40:44 11/23/07 Fri [1]

hi Kathy
You must have missed the Grinch one :)
Hope it helps
Sue :)


Red - For hiding all the gifts
Blue - For wiping the smile off faces
Brown - For saying Bah Humbug
Yellow - For spoiling any surprises
Orange - For dreaming of a green Christmas
Green – For not believing in Santa
NOTE: Take the whole pack if you find yourself humming Christmas Carols.

It's that time of year again
when they say those dreaded lines
"it's better to give than receive"
are they out of their minds?!
Why waste all that money
and share the yummy food
better to have a solo Christmas
that's sensible - not rude.
So bah humbug to them
this kit will show them all
you'll have a Merry Christmas
as long as they don't call!
© Sue Pitchfork
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