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Idaho M&M

Postby angela » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:51 am

Date Posted: 07:00:53 12/31/07 Mon
Author: va
Subject: Requesting m&m tag...please

Idaho M&M’s

Red is for the gemstone Garnet with its six pointed star.
Its beauty will amaze you, no matter where you are.
Yellow is for the Snake River with all its twists and turns.
Travel down it slowly, there is much to learn!
Blue is for the Mountain Bluebird, its nest in hollow tree,
With its blue-white eggs inside, left for all to see.
Green is for the Western White Pine, slender and tall.
Its majestic beauty will be enjoyed by all.
Orange is for the Syringa with flowers of white.
This fragrant shrub is such a beautiful sight.
Brown is for the Sawtooth Mountain with its jagged peaks.
You could visit there for hours, days, and even weeks!

Travel to Boise, see the ‘Gemstone State’.
Taste the potatoes, enjoy mountains and lakes.
‘Its Perpetual’ beauty has both snow and sun.
Enjoy the M&M’s and have fun, Everyone!
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