High School Reunion

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High School Reunion

Postby Alma » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:30 pm

Date Posted: 21:25:39 08/06/08 Wed
Author: SallyIndy
Subject: High School Reunion M&M help please and sharing...

Ok I am going to my 40th this month and didn't find an M& M poem so wrote one. If someone could put some graphics with it so I can print out on card stock I would appreciate it! I am using the bottom poem on gifts for a group of girlfriends that are getting together and I made something just for them but wanted to take some of the M$M for guys and others. TIA >^..^<

High School Reunion M&M

Red: for remembering names, faces, dates,and places
Brown: Cause you gained "?" pounds
Blue: Cause your old girlfriend didn't
Yellow: for wrinkles, aches and pains
Green: because you probably need some extra energy
Orange: to keep you smiling

Eat the entire bag: because you deserve it! You came to the Reunion

It seems like only yesterday
We walked the "Hallowed Halls"
Now we've grown up, grown out, grown older
but didn't we have a ball!!!

School Days are just a memory
a sweet page in our past
of youth and friends, beginnings and ends
who knew time would go by so fast!


[> Re: High School Reunion M&M help please and sharing... -- va, 08:22:10 08/07/08 Thu [1]

SallyIndie, I adore your poem. You did such a good job with it and I know if I were one of the recipients that I would feel very honored.
I'm sure someone with talent will see this soon and make your tag. However; if they do not, just go buy some really pretty scrapbooking paper and print it out on that. I do it all the time when I'm in a hurry.
I am so sorry that I cannot help you with this. You have helped me many times in the past and I do not forget that.
Have a wonderful time at your reunion.

[> Re: High School Reunion M&M help please and sharing... -- rhonda, 18:45:04 08/07/08 Thu [1]

I did M&Ms for my parents 50th anniversary and you can order from the M&M.com and have your own sayings on the M&Ms or just order your school colors...your sayings could be 19--, school name, mascot name, etc. ...everyone thought this was a neat idea....just a thought
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