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Postby PattyWV » Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:22 pm

Date Posted: 20:09:44 08/25/09 Tue
Author: Laura in CA
Subject: Need help with M&M poem

My boss is finally experiencing having a teenage daughter 12 going on 13! Mentioned to me she was with another family and they didn't return till 4 hours after the scheduled time!!
Does anyone have a poem to go with M&m's that relate to teenagers?

Re: Need help with M&M poem -- Helper, 12:38:27 08/27/09 Thu [1] ... th=2_14_42
Scroll down to almost the bottom of page and you will see Teen Boy and Teen Girl M and M's.

Re: Need help with M&M poem -- laura in CA, 21:06:40 08/27/09 Thu [1]

Thanks, but I guess what I'm looking for is a parents of teenagers M&M survival kit. Does anyone have a poem they can do for me?

Re: Need help with M&M poem -- jacksmum, 21:38:24 08/29/09 Sat [1]


Red – When curfew is broken
Blue – When you try to help & they roll their eyes
Yellow – When you are ignored for the 100th time
Green – For tantrums yours and theirs
Orange – What part of NO don’t they understand?
Purple – For Patience and Wisdom
Brown – To remember you were young once.

When things get tense take the whole pack, two
aspirins and go lie down.

Parents, here’s some pills
to help you cope you see
I don’t know why you’d need them
as teens are as cute as they can be.
But just in case you do
you better keep them near.
for the teenage years
should not be lived in fear.
© Sue Pitchfork~

Re: Need help with M&M poem -- Doreen, 04:01:19 08/30/09 Sun [1]

WOW Sue that is excellent, great work as always!

Re: Need help with M&M poem -- Laura in CA, 16:51:40 08/30/09 Sun [1]

Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for. Poetry is one thing I am not good at! Thanks again.
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