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Postby angela » Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:46 pm

Date Posted: 13:39:22 09/13/11 Tue
Author: Betty Owens
Subject: m&m poem

I need someone to help write a mm poem. We have a wonderful Starbucks and I would like to do something for the manager and the baristas.If anyone can help...I would appreciateyour help. Thanks, Betty

[> Re: m&m poem -- jacksmum, 18:49:00 09/13/11 Tue [1]

Hello Betty
I hope this helps xxx


Red - For the fabulous staff
Blue - A manager who chases the blues away
Brown - For the baristas
Yellow - To celebrate the finer things - Coffee
Orange - For quiet reflection
Green - To enjoy the taste

Coffee is my wake up call
my sanity and savior
and thanks to Starbucks
it comes in every flavor.

So thanks to you all
for the smile on my face
you are all wonderful
I love this coffee place.
© Sue Pitchfork

[> [> Re: m&m poem -- Betty Owens, 21:35:10 09/13/11 Tue [1]

Thank you soo much Sue ..this is great. You have so much talent. All of them will enjoy your poem. Thanks, Thanks

[> Re: m&m poem -- jacksmum, 21:38:56 09/13/11 Tue [1]

HUGS. I'm glad I could help xx
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