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Instructions & Pictures ... ntID=20400 ( mcdermand paperclip angel ) ... ngels.html
(includes a Friendship Angel poem and a couple of quotes) ... ip-angels/

Video Instructions - Paperclip Angel
Date Posted: 16:08:30 04/27/04 Tue
Author: linne
Subject: Packaging and Pricing Paper Clip Angels

May I ask how you girls 'package' you paper clip angels, and what price do you charge? I put them on a business card, but they flop around and I am not happy with the packaging.
Please help!

>Lilpeach, 16:19:04 04/27/04 Tue [1]

Hi Linne, I put mine on a piece of card (usually cropped with those nice edgy type scissors) punch a hole in the card with the hole punch and thread the ribbon of the hanger thru the hole, tape it down on the back side with a little scotch tape. My poem goes right on the card too. Prices..umm! If I remember correctly $1.25 for the small and $1.75 for the's been a while since I sold them and I was on a military base overseas too so had to keep prices low, maybe some of our other crafters can help you out with better pricing..good luck on your sales.

>valerie_nyr4, 17:39:20 04/27/04 Tue [1]

Hi Linne....Hi Lilpeach...
I type the poem on cardstock and cut them out with those edgy scissors too(decorative)..
I put the poem and the angel in a 3x4 craft bag...
The ribbon(hanger part)...sticks out through the top..looks great in basket or other container...
I sell mine for $1.25...I use no beads..just the wooden head and the ribbon...
Last year I dipped the top of the head in very tiny beads...
multi color, red, pink, blue,white...
Sold those for $1.50
Hope this helps...

>melinda, 07:02:48 04/29/04 Thu [1]

Val, are u putting hair on these angels or just using the smaller wooden ball?

>valerie_nyr4, 22:46:44 04/29/04 Thu [1]

Hi melinda, No hair this year...last year I dipped the top of the bead in those tiny little beads...
They sold well but even after sealing the beads can come loose..
I just put a bow under the wooden ball..

>linne, 02:23:59 04/28/04 Wed [1]

Thanks very much for the info. Helps me a lot.
Valerie, is your head a plug or a wooden bead?

>valerie_nyr4, 23:36:55 04/28/04 Wed [1]

linne, I use a 12mm wood ball...holes at both end...Wal-Mart
has them in the craft dept..$1.96
They are so much fun to make...I have them in all different colors..I put a small bow under the wood ball...

>mommashoemake/Mary, 19:00:21 04/27/04 Tue [1]

I print the poem on colored paper or cardstock, punch a hole to run the ribbon through and tape it on the back. I then insert it in a 3x4 ziplock bag available at craft stores or Walmart. I charge $l.

>Deborah the Bzybee, 11:22:04 04/28/04 Wed [1]

Hi there! I sell mine for $2.50 each. I use a postcard sized card with a graphic and the poem on it! I "stitch" the angel in place and put the whole thing in a cello envelope! I get these at I use them for a lot of my cards and I was able to increase the price of all of my items to more than absorb the cost of the envie. I also use these in a smaller envie on the yoyo angel pins and other pins! I can also get envies that have a built in "hanger" on them so they are real easy to display on pegs! The cello also keeps the cards clean and neat and they do not get all bent and dirty!
Good luck!

>lorraine, 03:33:48 05/01/04 Sat [1]

can u give me a link to order these paperclips as we cant get the size in uk thank u

>linne, 17:11:53 05/02/04 Sun [1]

Lorraine, do you have Staples in UK, or any other large office supply store? Be sure that you ask for 'butterfly clips'. If you go to then search their site for butterfly clips you can pull up a picture of them. Copy the picture of them and show when you go looking. People may not know these as 'paper clips' but rather butterfly clips. They come in 2 sizes. I think most people use the smaller ones.
I hope this helps you.

>Archiver's Note: I haven't run across the post yet but I remember someone telling us that Staples no longer carries the larger size Ideal clip in their area and I know they don't in mine. Dell said that she gets them at Office Depot. The large clips come 12/box and the small ones come 50/box.
Tammie, 22:23:55 04/27/04 Tue [1]

How I made mine was I bought the copier/printer paper with the clouds at walmart. my mom did the verse on computer ( i have webtv) then i made enough copies to line each side of the paper with 6 verses. made the copies at kinkos, then took them to mardels and laminated them. took my paper cutter cut the pages down the middle then cut the verses where they had a lot of room at the top. punched 2 holes at the top to put ribbon thru from the angels. I sold these for $1.ea. but i am going to take some to a craft consignment shop and put $1.25 on them since he will keep 25% of the sale.

Tammie, 00:03:49 04/26/04 Mon [1]

Thurs. and Fri. night I sold 65 paperclip angels with the Bible verse....For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11 I am raising money for the cancer walk in memory of my aunt who died in jan. with brain cancer.

valerie_nyr4, 17:59:50 04/27/04 Tue [1]

Paperclip angels...hard to which are the most popular verses..I'd say sister,friend,teacher,bus driver,nurse. Tammie...never thought of Bible verses with the paperclip angels...I have a show on Saturday at a church...Thanks for the idea...
Date Posted: 12:42:33 04/22/03 Tue
Author: Kim in Texas
Subject: Need Help with Angels

I am trying to make the angels from the ideal clamps and beads. They are coming out beautiful, but I'm having problems with the glue. Can anyone help me? I have tried using both my glue gun and super glue to glue the flower to the clamp, but neither one will stay. Am I doing something wrong? How did you ladies do it? Please help!

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- Mar, 12:47:08 04/22/03 Tue [1]

I always go back to good old "tacky glue"...sometimes if I think it's too runny, I will put a little of the glue on the item that I'm gluing and also on what it will be glued to....wait a few minutes for it to thicken up, then attach them. If all else fails you can combine tacky glue along with hot glue gun for faster results...Good Luck

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- Pat J, 14:15:19 04/22/03 Tue [1]

Try E-6000, it holds really good. Put a small dap on both pieces that are to be held together and it should hold really good. Do it in a well ventilated area, though, this stuff is toxic.

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- Lilpeach, 02:13:55 04/23/03 Wed [1]

Hi Kim, I use a hot glue (not the low temp stuff) when I make my paperclip angels. It does tend to get a little messy but I have found that using a toothpick to apply the glue helps too. Do you use the high or low temp glue?

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- kraftee karen, 04:52:11 04/23/03 Wed [1]

Kim what I do is hot glue a little bow right under the wooden bead and then glue a flower to the bow. I don't use a hot glue gun as I always end up getting burnt bad so I use a low glue gun. I have never had one fall off when you put it right under the bead. Actually what you are gluing to is not the metal part but the ribbon where you have tied the bead on. If you would like I can send you one of mine that I have done, just email me with your snail mail addy and I'll send you one.

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- joanne(UK), 05:20:49 04/23/03 Wed [1]

i've not done paperclip angels, can't get those clips over here, the only glue i've ever used which has been sucCessful everytime is pva. i used to get the pva craft glue but it's the same as the pva woodglue, in fact i don't buy my own anymore i just fill a squeezy bottle up with the polybond that dh has in the cellar (thats just pva too) i abandoned my glue gun cos i was always burning myself and it went everywhere, and things just peeled off again, tried supaglue but i stuck my fingers to things far too often!

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- Kim in Texas, 10:29:21 04/25/03 Fri [1]

Can you tell me where I can get the pva glue? Would I look at a craft store for the craft glue or a home improvement store for the wood glue? I've never heard of this type before, but unfortunatly that really doesn't say much! I'm still learning all this new craft stuff!

[> Re: Need Help with Angels -- joanne(UK), 13:41:40 04/25/03 Fri [1]

pva is white and quite thick. over here it comes under all sorts of names, tacky craft glue, woodworkers glue, i used to get mine from the craft shop but the stuff from the diy store is cheaper and just the same, it dries clear too.
Glue - Paper Clip Angels -- Kathy, 08:01:44 07/04/04 Sun [1]

Not being much of a crafter like the rest of you ladies....what type of glue could I use to glue a silver bead for the head and a pin back on these paper clip angels?

Glue - Paper Clip Angels -- Gail, 22:50:16 07/05/04 Mon [1]

As far as the glue goes Kathy...I would probably use a glue called E-600 or a glue that would be made for jewelry. You could ask at your local craft store. Maybe some of the other ladies on here have a suggestion as well. These angels are very cute. My sister and I made 190 of them for favors for my nephews wedding with an attached poem, everyone just loved them.

Glue - Paper Clip Angels -- KrafteeKaren, 23:34:54 07/05/04 Mon [1]

As for the glue, like Gail said, E6000 is probably the best. On the paperclip angels that I make I use a wooden bead for the head, mainly cause I keep them on hand all the time.
Note: This post is on the Wedding Board but it belongs here too.

Date Posted: 09:01:00 05/25/04 Tue
Author: Sandy
Subject: Requesting Poem for Bride and Groom Angels

I am trying to make paperclip angel for Bride and Groom-Wedding Day. The angels will be a lot easier than poem. Please help. Thanks in advance

[> Re: Requesting Poem for Bride and Groom Angels -- louc, 12:21:36 05/25/04 Tue [1]

Here we are, Bride and Groom
Ready for our Honeymoon
Such joy on this our Wedding Day
May it never fade away

[> -- Dell, 09:49:47 05/25/04 Tue [1]

How are you going to fix them to look like a bride and groom.I don't write poems.Anyway I have a shower to go to next week.They would be to cute to put on my presents.Thanks.

[> -- Gail, 02:27:42 05/27/04 Thu [1]

Instructions: Groom Paperclip Angel
I made a groom and he came out cute. I attached a bride and groom to a decorated basket that will be set out for the wedding. I will tell you though it is a one of a kind. I will try to explain what I did. I took the paperclip and turned it the opposite way from making the angel. Where the wings would be for the angel now becomes the legs for the groom...I pinched it together to make it a little closer though. Then I wrapped this part with black ribbon (this makes an outline of a leg), adding a little glue as I wrapped. At the straight part (this would be the top) I attached a ribbon using a slip knot and added a wooden bead for the head. Then I made a really small bow and placed it under the bead to represent a bow tie. It really looked like a groom

[> -- Sandy, 07:11:55 05/27/04 Thu [1]

Thanks for the poem. I will try to explain what I am attempting. I wrapped one angel with white floss and on the bead I put a piece of lace for a veil. Wrapped another clip in black foss and put a small paper top hat on the bead. Then glued the 2 together at wing tips (slightly overlapped) Will attach poem and couple to package. Gail's sounds cute maybe I will try that too then decide which to use. Thanks again. Lots of weddings coming up.
Note: Many angel poems are generic and can be used for any type angel. You can search for specific categories like Friendship Angels or Guardian Angels...or whatever.

LOTS of angel poems for various vocations/situations on Shirley's Craft Sayings Yo Yo Angel Projects Page (scroll down past the picture). ... ndex.shtml
Re: LilPeach or any one -- Lilpeach, 01:09:32 02/04/04 Wed [1]

Hi Ruby, here are the poems I used for the Birthstone Angels. All were written by Jacksmum ((huggles-Sue))I only have saved up until July, easy enough to adjust for August - December though..just need to look for the stone type and change the word..let me know if you need any help. I used beads that coordinated with the birthstone for Garnet, clear for diamond, Green for Emerald..etc...

Birthstone Angel - January
An Angel for January
garnet is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - February
An Angel for February
amethyst is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - March
An Angel for March
aquamarine is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - April
An Angel for April
diamond is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - May
An Angel for May
emerald is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - June
An Angel for June
pearl is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - July
An Angel for July
ruby is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

[> Re: Paperclip Angels -- Caboobie, 14:11:37 12/27/04 Mon [1]

Here you are. I just changed the birthstone and month so they all match the archived ones.

Birthstone Angel - August
An Angel for August
Peridot is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - September
An Angel for September
Sapphire is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - October
An Angel for October
Opal is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - November
An Angel for November
Yellow topaz is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.

Birthstone Angel - December
An Angel for December
Blue topaz is your stone.
Keep it with you always
so you never feel alone.
Nancy K, 20:51:05 04/27/04 Tue [1]

"Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" Hebrews 1:14
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Postby krafteekaren » Sun Aug 22, 2004 11:46 pm


You live life to the fullest,
Enjoy each and every day!
I'll be your Red Hat Angel
And protect you while you play!
©2004 Kelli Williams

Oh Red Hat Angel, stay nearby
And guard me on my way
As I wear my red and purple
And enjoy each new day!
©2004 Kelli Williams

NOTE: Also archived on the Red Hat Society Board.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Thu Aug 26, 2004 1:29 am


Date Posted: 20:34:29 08/15/04 Sun
Author: Crafty43
Subject: Any ideas for this angel

Just put this one together. Not sure what to do with it. Any ideas? It looks like Bride or maybe Christmas. Thanks and Happy Crafting

White Paperclip Angel Picture ... 7419a6.jpg

[> Re: Any ideas for this angel -- linne, 21:13:57 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Crafty, this pic is a little small to see much detail, but would a baby's penny, maybe a Christening work?
Or a Godmother's angel??
Just a few thoughts.

[> Re: Any ideas for this angel -- kritterno1, 21:41:44 08/15/04 Sun [1]
For Bride
Carry this little angel close by your side
And she'll be with you as a brand new bride
Her blessing she'll give when you say 'I do'
Knowing those words are spoken so true.

[> Re: Any ideas for this angel -- ShirleyT, 22:47:46 08/16/04 Mon [1]

How about wedding favors?

Angels must surely
be watching from above
on this very happy day
basking in all the love!

[> Re: Any ideas for this angel -- Crafty43, 18:40:49 08/17/04 Tue [1]
Thanks ladies for the ideas and poems. Forgot about this post and almost missed your help. Thanks again and Happy Crafting!

Note: Posted on Wedding Board also.
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Date Posted: 21:31:23 08/13/04 Fri
Author: Crafty43
Subject: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem

Is there a poem for a red hat paperclip angel? I just made some. Used large paperclips, made a yo yo from red hat fabric and glue a purple foiled oval bead to center, used a large clear faucted bead for head and made a small red halo from chennell, and used red floss for hanger. Could some one come with a short poem to go with them? Thanks and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem -- Crafty43, 08:45:14 08/15/04 Sun [1]
I also got mine at a small business supply store in town. It is not a big chain. Paid about $1 a box of 12. I will try to post a picture of my angel. Not sure how clear they will be. There is also a picture of my Maine angel. Used the new Maine quarter on top of the yo yo. I have sold nearly 100 of these. Can't keep up. Good Luck and Happy Crafting.

Pictures: Paperclip Angels ... Angels.jpg

[> Re: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem -- melinda ny, 09:12:07 08/15/04 Sun [1]

wonderful job Crafty43.
would have NEVER thought to use yo-yo's or quarters. Very ingenious....
I never thought that i would want to try this....but these are very cute, thanks for the visual...think, i may try a couple.
thanks again.
melinda ny

[> Re: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem -- kelliwv, 22:37:03 08/13/04 Fri [1]

Red Hat Angel
You live life to the fullest,
Enjoy each and every day!
I'll be your Red Hat Angel
And protect you while you play!
©2004 Kelli Williams

Red Hat Angel
Oh Red Hat Angel, stay nearby
And guard me on my way
As I wear my red and purple
And enjoy each new day!
©2004 Kelli Williams

[> Re: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem -- Crafty43, 23:06:20 08/13/04 Fri [1]

Thanks Kelli they are perfect!!! Think I'll use them both.
Thanks again and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: ISO red hat paperclip angel poem -- crafterwannabe, 19:38:50 08/14/04 Sat [1]
Date Posted: 10:35:57 08/15/04 Sun
Author: Crafty43
Subject: Pictures of paperclip angels

Now that I have finally figured out how to post a picture and have a fairly clear one, here is a picture of my big seller. Hope it is as successful for you with your state quarter. I did post it on another post, but thought those that weren't into red hat stuff might miss it. I do need help with sizing pictures. If someone could help, I would be very greatful. Thanks and Happy Crafting! (...same picture as above...)

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- Bonnie Auvil, 11:00:59 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Darling! What a great idea! I have seen the yo yo for quite awhile, but this inspires me to make them... Who wrote the poem so I can give credit? Now for some really duh questions... I remember how to make yo yos, but how big are the circles with the angels? I have some of the butterfly paperclips and have made some of the angels so I can do the rest... Thanks again for sharing your idea! How much do you sell the for?

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- linne, 13:01:47 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Crafty, These are really nice! Are the heads glass beads or plastic? What size beads are you using? Can you describe what you use to make it hang and attach to the card

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- Crafty43, 11:25:40 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Yo-Yo Size, Instructions & Pricing
Thanks ladies! I use the large paperclips and the circles are about 3 inches. I use a tupperware cup for the template. I wrote the poem believe it or not. I'm not much for words, always have to ask our talented ladies for help in that department. Retail I have been getting between $2.00 and $2.50 depends on what area I sell them. Our area is very poor, but lower Maine is a better Market. I wholesale them for $1.50.

I used 12mm faceted crystal beads(plastic)from Walmart. I think you could get away with a little smaller, that is what I had on hand when I started making them and just stayed with it.
The hanger is made from crochet cotton (thin stuff). Just cut it between the red, white, and blue then braid it. It gave me an extra piece of white each time and I used it to make the yo yo.
I make a 3x4 card (that is what fits in my bags). Took a graphic of the state of Maine and faded into the background and typed my text. Put my title on then put an x on the next line (all centered) then took a whole punch and punched out the x. Thread your hanger through and tape to back. Put in bag and your done. You might have to play with placement a little bit so you don't cover your text.
Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- linne, 13:48:03 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Thanks so much. I see now. When I looked at the picture, the hole looked like a stud of some kind and I was curious about that. Now I see it is the HOLE. Dumb me!
Is the head just strung onto the string, or is there any glue holding the bead so it stays put?
Sorry to have so many questions.
Any ideas for the states that don't have quarters yet?

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- melinda, 15:43:50 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Thanks for the wonderful idea with the quarters. I have not seen this before. Now here is my question, on the yoyo red hat ones, what do you use for the inside of the yoyo? I have yet to make any but if I am understanding right, you need cardboard. Is that right? I want to do these right.

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- Crafty43, 16:26:12 08/15/04 Sun [1]

I don't mind the questions. It is good to finally be able to give back. I have taken so much from here. You can glue the head. I don't in this case because it seems to stay pretty good because the braided cord is thicker than just a single cord.

As for the yo yo, I don't put anything in the middle. Just sew around the circle and pull as tight as I can and then use my finger to make it lay the way I want. It keeps it shape real good. Cardboard might help when you glue it to the paperclip, I just hold in down tightly for a few seconds after I glue it.

I wish I could offer something for the states without the new quarters, but the only thing that comes to mind is a little flag or button in place of the quarter. You could still use the same poem. If I think of something different, I will post it.
Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

More Ideas from Jazbo
[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- jazbo, 18:51:41 08/15/04 Sun [1]
You are soooo clever! and yo-yos too! My mind is going crazy with ideas - using the same idea for lucky pennies; birth year pennies; using colored 'gems' for birth month angels; seasonal fabric for holidays - the possibilities are endless. Thanks for such a terrific project!

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- Crafty43, 19:41:49 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Im glad you are being inspired. Would really like to see what you come up with. Please post when you have something completed. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- linne, 19:43:41 08/15/04 Sun [1]

Thanks so much for the help and answers, Crafty. I know what you mean with wanting to share when you can. Everyone here is so generous.
And Jazbo, what a great idea for the lucky pennies. Maybe use the smaller clips, since the penny is smaller than the quarter.

[> Re: Pictures of paperclip angels -- jazbo, 08:15:21 08/17/04 Tue [1]
You are welcome. (Archiver's Note: Post edited to delete jazbo's poem since there was a separate post giving the same one. See Penny Poems thread to see Jazbo's Poem plus all the tweaked versions.)
Date Posted: 13:22:06 08/17/04 Tue
Author: jazbo
Subject: Birthday penny angel poem - needs some help

I put this at the end of the thread about crafty43's state quarter angels. Thought I would post it again, separately.

I have 3 birthdays this month so that is why birthday angels were on my mind. Been working on a poem but it sure needs to be tweaked. Can someone help?

Jazbo's Birth Date Penny Paperclip Angel Poem

I'm a birthday angel
& I'm sent to say,
I hope your day is special
in every way.

It holds a penny made
the year you were born,
It's a little bit tarnished
& quite a bit worn.

Hoping to bring you luck,
just put it where you can see
It as a reminder of
how much you mean to me.
--©Bonnie Jasperson

Notes: Most of entire thread also posted on the Red Hat Board.
Birthday Penny Angel Poem & tweaked versions also posted on Penny Poem Announcement.
Use of yo-yo with quarter/pennies also posted on Yo Yo Announcement.
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Valentine's Day Paperclip Angel Poem

Date Posted: 11:29:18 01/14/05 Fri
Author: Boop
Subject: 2 Poems needed Please!!!!!

I'm still making paper clip angels & I need a poem for Valentines day & 1 for St Patrick's day. I did look in the archives but didn't see what I was looking for. Thanks to all of you talented ladies in advance.


[> Re: 2 Poems needed Please!!!!! -- Janice T., 14:26:18 01/14/05 Fri [1]

Valentine Paperclip Angel

We have a special day of the year,
where we come out to you my dear.
We come to spread our special love
Sent by God from up above.
Made by his hands and not in a rush
One by one specially created were we.
Different each and everyone of us.
To each He gave a paper clip
and with our hands,
an Angel we did make.
We are here to touch your heart.
You are my Valentine.
It would make me happy
if you would just be mine.
Please keep me near your heart,
For when I am with you,
we can never be apart.
And with God's love great things we will do.
Janice T. original 2005

[> [> Re: 2 Poems needed Please!!!!! -- Boop, 07:59:50 01/15/05 Sat [1]

Thanks again ladies. You all did a great job! I'm going back to work on Monday after being off on disability for 3 months. I'm going to take some angels with me & see if people like them. I sure don't want to go back to work, I'm going to miss you all. Time will prevent me from visiting as much as I'd like.

Archiver's Note: See separate posts on this board titled Valentine Angel Poems and St. Patrick's Angel Poems - they were moved since they are appropriate for any type angel.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Apr 23, 2005 3:12 am

Paperclip Angel Poems from Barboo the Clown

Date Posted: 14:06:47 04/17/05 Sun
Author: Barboo
Subject: Need Poem

I searched the archives but didn't find what I want. So I am asking for a Little Poem for the Paper Clip angel. I want to pass them out when I do Hospital Rounds. I do Hospital Rounds as Barboo the Clown. Thanks for your help.

[> Re: Need Poem -- Doreen, 14:30:49 04/17/05 Sun [1]

Barboo, try this link to the archives... ... angel+poem

I couldn't resist writing out a couple especially for you, too. *Hugs* Doreen

Here's a paper clip angel
For when you feel down
To bring a ray of sunshine
From Barboo the clown.
Doreen Scerri © 2005

This special angel
Comes to you with love
From Barboo the Clown
With blessings from above.
Doreen Scerri © 2005

[> Re: Need Poem -- jacksmum, 18:28:51 04/17/05 Sun [1]

Great poems Doreen.
Here's another Barboo
Sue :)

Barboo the clown
sends an angel your way
hoping to brighten up
your hospital stay.
So smile and be happy
don't worry or fret
our nurses are skilled
so better you'll get.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

[> Re: Need Poem -- katieangelamber, 21:40:06 04/17/05 Sun [1]

Barboo the Clown
Has a special gift for you
A sweet little angel
To help see you through
Hang her near your bed
And all through your stay
She'll be watching over you
Every night and every day
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Postby crafterwannabe » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:48 pm

Canadianviolet's "Dressed" Paperclip Angels

Date Posted: 17:04:08 08/24/06 Thu
Author: Canadianviolet
Subject: my newest angels

My newest paperclip angels.

Note: Link to picture deleted since Hazleanne removed picture from Photobucket.

[> Re: my newest angels -- Susan (Doreen's sis), 12:38:18 08/25/06 Fri [1]

These are really pretty, strange that my sis hasn't seen them yet I'm sure she'll love them. I 'll try to make one of these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

[> Re: my newest angels -- Canadianviolet, 21:37:29 08/25/06 Fri [1]

Thanks for your comments ladies ! Glad you liked them . Would like to see your versions when you make some.

[> Re: my newest angels -- Doreen, 09:22:24 08/26/06 Sat [1]

Absolutely adorable!
Well done Hazelanne.
Yes Sue (sis), they are very pretty aren't they? The only problem with making them was that last year I tried getting the No.2 size paperclips and couldn't find them but seeing this version makes me want to go hunting for them again LOL - will let you know.
Doreen :)

[> Re: my newest angels -- patticake, 17:10:18 08/26/06 Sat [1]

very cute!

[> Re: my newest angels -- Caboobie, 17:08:28 08/24/06 Thu [1]

How lovely are these! Well done you made a good job of them

[> Re: my newest angels -- Lori Jean, 17:26:17 08/24/06 Thu [1]

Ohhhh, Hazelanne, those are just darling! Can you Pleeeeez share with me how you made the angels with the pearl wings?
Lori Jean :o)

[> Re: my newest angels -- Cathy in MT, 18:49:32 08/24/06 Thu [1]

Love those paperclip angels and the wings are beautiful. Inquiring minds want to know how you did that? Please share! Thanks! Cathy

[> Re: my newest angels -- crafterwannabe, 19:07:15 08/24/06 Thu [1]

Gives the paperclip angels a brand-new, dressed-up look! Very cute - thanks for showing us. Did you wrap the hanger cord around the wire?

[> Re: my newest angels -- snuffles, 19:46:40 08/24/06 Thu [1]

Beautiful thanks for sharing, hazelann

[> Re: my newest angels -- Canadianviolet, 21:06:20 08/24/06 Thu [1]
The small angels are made with # 2 size paperclips from Staples.They are 1 1/4 by 1 1/2 inch size paperclips. I buy the irridescent craft cord from Walmart in the plastic canvas supply aisle. Wrap the cord around the paperclip starting at the bottom where the clip crosses over . Leave a tail so you can tie it with the other end piece when you are done wrapping. The hanger is tied on where the paperclip croses over at the top. Slip a bead over the hanger and secure with glue. Wrap the lace around where the waist would be and glue in the back. Put another piece of lace under the chin and glue that in the back. Glue flowers or other embellishments where the hands would be. Hazelanne

> Re: my newest angels -- Cathy in MT, 22:39:19 08/24/06 Thu [1]

Thanks for sharing. A fancier angel than before!Am anxious to try these! thanks for the great, new idea! Cathy

[> Re: my newest angels -- jacksmum, 23:29:38 08/24/06 Thu [1]

They are adorable - great work. I love the little bouquet too.
Sue :)
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More on Paperclip Angels + Pictures

Date Posted: 22:57:39 07/24/07 Tue
Author: Candy
Subject: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy?

Hi all,
I know I have been missing in action, but school has been crazy. I have a tiny break.
I found those butterfly paper clips, the large ones I think, for 25 cents a box. There are 12 in a box. I wanted to know if this is a good deal. I thought about buying all they had left but don't know what I would do with so many.
Did anyone sell those angels and did they sell well? I wondered if anyone had any pictures to share, the ones on the archives are a little small. I also wanted to know if anyone has any fresh ideas for these angels or poems. Is there a poem that would go with these to make them good to sell for people to give to co-workers? I also wondered if anybody would want any of the paper clips.
Thanks in advance,

Re: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy? -- nizza, 00:39:14 07/25/07 Wed [1]

Candy - do you mean this paperclip angel?
Note: Photobucket links deleted since url's were no longer valid.

Re: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy? -- Candy, 01:07:33 07/25/07 Wed [1]

Yes!!! Those are exactly the ones. They are so beautiful. But I do have a couple of questions, if you don't mind.
What is the poem? And how do you get those "wings" like that (the ones with the colored wings)? What are the halo's on the small ones? Sorry for so many questions, but I think these are great. I always did, but didn't know where to get any of those paper clips before.
Thanks so much for sharing,

Re: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy? -- Jodi, 08:58:50 07/25/07 Wed [1]

Nizza, those are really cute! Did you make them? If so, it looks like the top one you have a hole bead for the head and you put ribbon through it for the loop? How is it attached to the clip? I think those would make cute Christmas ornies too. Can you post the poem? Thanks for sharing!
I think .25 a box is a great price, about .02 each. After the embellishments on the top pic, might be .10? If you sold them maybe for $1.00? great mark up

Re: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy? -- nizza, 17:26:44 07/25/07 Wed [1]

I have made them, BUT, these are not mine. I, of course, forgot to take pictures of mine before I gave them away. I do that with alot of things I make. I'm more interested in getting the gift to the person than taking a pic of it.
Anyway, Candy here are some answers:

The wings are the same as the cording that the angel hangs from.

The halo is from those wedding band rings that you can get at a party supply store.

Yes, the "heads" are bead with a hole in them. You just loop the ribbon thru.

Here are some links that will show you how to make them and the poem for the office angel. (Archiver's Note: Links deleted since they are the same as above.)

I also have a couple of other pics from other crafters which I thought were really nice. Thought they might give you some more ideas. ... _angel.jpg ... erclip.jpg ... Angels.jpg

Re: Paper clip.. is 25 cents a good buy? -- Candy, 00:40:03 07/27/07 Fri [1]

Sorry it took me a day or so to get back to you, I had my last final of the semester today. Whew, I am finished for the summer! And it has been a long hard semester. When everyone else has been swimming and doing all the other fun summer stuff, I have had to say no, I have to study. Now I only have two weeks until fall starts.
Anyway, I really appreciated your posting all those pictures and the links, too. They will really help out a lot. I went to Hobby Lobby today to look at the beads, but I got tied up in the new pet store that opened right beside the HL and when I got in the store they announced 5 minutes til close. I didn't really get to look much, but I did notice that I will need at least a 12mm bead, but I liked the 14 better, for the heads. I am going to try some online bead sources.
Again, thanks for the pics and links.
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