Angel Wings Ornament Poem for Helpful Friend

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Angel Wings Ornament Poem for Helpful Friend

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:40 pm

Date Posted: 03:05:19 11/21/15 Sat
Author: Betty
Subject: Can you help please?

Calling all you talented ladies. I am in need of a poem.
I would like to give my friend an Angel Wings ornament. I would like to say a little poem about how she deserves her angel wings. She has been so helpful and supportive for many people of late. She is always giving from the heart Also I would like to mention she is a great friend and how I notice her kind heart of gold. Thank you in advance

[> Re: Can you help please? -- JoyinMT (<3), 11:39:00 11/21/15 Sat [1]

Dear precious friend with heart of gold,
Your helpfulness must now be told!
You're earned your wings, Yes! Angel Wings!
And when you're near, my heart just sings!
Helpful, "pillar" - heart filled with love,
You're truly sent from God above.

[hope this works - feel free to change - if you wish. Joy]

[> Re: Can you help please? -- Linda Ohio now GA, 16:28:45 11/22/15 Sun [1]

Wow Joy, that is great. Wish I had your talent.

[> Re: Can you help please? -- garnet, 15:01:26 11/23/15 Mon [1]

Joy, thank you. That's sweet, and I want to use it, too.

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