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Postby krafteekaren » Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:22 pm

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Postby krafteekaren » Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:22 pm


Date Posted: 13:51:33 04/09/03 Wed
Author: Dianenanato4
Subject: Poems for firsts...

I am trying to find a poem for baby's 1st lock of hair cut poem, losing lst tooth poem, baby's lst penny poem, etc. Could anyone tell me where I might find these? Thanks so much, Dianenanato4.

[> Re: Poems for firsts... -- gingergirl, 11:52:20 04/19/03 Sat [1]

I have the penny one from the ladies here and then the first curl from another lady...but I don't have one for the first tooth, sorry.

Baby's First Penny

I searched for the perfect gift,
that I could give to you.
I wanted something special,
For someone so sweet and new.

Then I found this Lucky Penny,
it was just what I had sought.
It has a special meaning,
worth more than something bought.

This penny is a special gift,
from an Angel just for you.
She'll be watching and protecting,
with everything you do.

Baby's First Penny

This baby's first penny
so shiny,new, and bright,
Is like your newborn baby
Just starting out in life
It's meant to bring good fortune
for the life that lies ahead
To be kept as a treasure
Until your child weds.

For on that day most special
Along with "something old and new"
A bride is meant to have
A lucky penny in her shoe
Whether she should be your daughter
Or your son's new bride to be
This promise of good fortune
Will charm their life indeed.
Author Unknown

Baby's First Penny

A penny for baby
so new to the world
to keep as she grows
and dreams are unfurled.

A blessing and joy
to see a child grow
as you treasure the penny
you now keep on show.

This penny brings luck
for each day of her life
from sweet childhood games
to becoming a wife.

And on that special day
so sacred and true
take this special penny
to the alter with you.

And into her marriage
the magic will remain
in her husbands embrace
she'll be lucky again.
© Sue Pitchfork

First Lock of Hair

When our babies arrive, we can't wait to see . . .
Just what color their hair will be.
As they grow, so does their hair . . .
We soon snip a lock, and then protect it with care.
So use this little packet, to safely tuck away . . .
Baby's lock of hair, and Memories of that special day!

[> Re: Poems for firsts... -- gingersnap, 06:57:04 04/20/03 Sun [1]

Baby's First Tooth

It takes a while for
baby's first tooth to
show up in a smile...
But it was worth the
wait, as that smile
is so great....

When that tooth gets
loose, and falls out.
Mommy and Daddy,
don't you pout....

Here's a special little tuck your
treasure in...
And you will always
remember that "first
tooth" grin.....
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Postby krafteekaren » Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:25 pm

Poem: Baby's first haircut

Date Posted: 21:43:26 11/07/03 Fri
Author: kritterno1
Subject: looking for first haircut poem

I'm looking for a poem about baby's first haircut to put on an envelope. My hairdresser has twin granddaughters and they'll soon have their first haircuts. Thought it would make nice keepsakes for Mom & G-Mom.
Thanks in advance.


Re: looking for first haircut poem -- Mad Mary, 00:36:04 11/08/03 Sat [1]

You may have to tweek it a bit for a girl.

Little Boy
(Ken Brown)

Little boy,
shock of hair,
time to vist,
the barber chair.
Ne'er before,
this trip he's made,
he's quite unsure,
but unafraid.
A memory saved,
a lock of hair,
from his very first visit,
to the barber chair.

Re: looking for first haircut poem -- jacksmum, 00:50:45 11/08/03 Sat [1]

Hope this helps. Sue

A lock of hair
from a child so fair
a miracle from above
placed gently in my care
This child is growing
up so fast
Tomorrow is the future
today is the past
walking ... talking ...
fading riddles and rhymes
this lock of hair remains
a keepsake of past times.
~Author Unknown~

Re: looking for first haircut poem -- Caboobie, 05:21:03 11/08/03 Sat [1]

It's really rather special
That first time in the chair
The look of awe and wonder
As the scissors cut their hair
So just before it's over
And the hair is brushed away
Grab a lock and keep it
To make you smile one day
(C) Yvonne Lowther 1103

Re: looking for first haircut poem -- kritterno1, 11:41:39 11/08/03 Sat [1]

Those are great.
Their grandma is going to cut their hair so I thought it would be really special. These are her first grandbabies & were born a little prematurely. Just turned 1 last month.

Re: looking for first haircut poem -- gingersnap, 16:08:35 11/08/03 Sat [1]

A first hair-cut is a milestone
that shows how you have grown.
And, how the days have flown-by,
Just like a comet in the sky.......

This little tress of hair, means so
much to me.....
It's a treasure that will bring back
the memory
Of your first hair-cut, And, how
the years did flee..........

I thought I would give this a try too....
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Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Oct 22, 2005 2:27 pm

Baby's First Ornament

Date Posted: 19:05:04 10/17/05 Mon
Author: Annemgp
Subject: Cute X-Mas Ornament

This is a cute ornament to make for Baby's First Christmas.

Also posted on the Christmas Board, Ornament link thread
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