Various Pet ideas, poems, links etc

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Various Pet ideas, poems, links etc

Postby Caboobie » Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:17 pm

Note: Here's another thread with pet ideas: ... 6181#16181

Pet treat jars

Date Posted: 19:25:42 04/12/04 Mon
Author: MarybNJ
Subject: candle jars, another use

For the jars, decorate outside with animal pictures, painted, felt., etc. Paint "Pet Treats" on lid. Add this poem to tag for those who will use it.

Santa says, "Yes",
Your pet deserves the best.
So for that faithful friend,
Don't forget!
Here's the jar,
You do the rest!

They sell well, everyone loves a gift to give to their pet.


[> Re: candle jars, another use -- toni, 23:04:30 04/12/04 Mon [1]

what type of candle jars do you use?

[> [> Re: candle jars, another use -- MarybNJ, 23:30:40 04/12/04 Mon [1]

I use all those jars which you have burned up the candle, they are about 24 oz., originating from places like Yankee candle, A.C. Moore, American Craft, just any. Remove labels, clean them up, they're free, and you've recycled

[> Re: candle jars, another use -- ShirleyT, 00:51:55 04/13/04 Tue [1]

Great idea! Love those recycling tips!


Painted dog collar

Date Posted: 17:20:17 12/15/03 Mon
Author: Renee
Subject: painted dog collars

Someone posted about painted dog collars, and I can't find it. I'm curious about the kind of paint that was used.


[> Re: painted dog collars -- CrazeeMoi, 18:40:38 12/15/03 Mon [1]

Date Posted: 00:04:36 12/09/03 Tue
Author: DebbieD
Subject: Painted Dog Collars

Here's an idea I wanted to share.

Something that I saw at a craft fair a few weeks ago, and fairly inexpensive to make is holiday dog collars. I am working on them tonight, as a matter of fact.

They took solid color dog collars (the kind that are made out of bright colored webbing) and used puffy paint to put little turkeys, pumpkins, Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, or the words "Merry Christmas" on the collars. They only put three little paintings of a tree(or whatever)on each collar, positioned where they would be at the top of the dog's neck when it is wearing the collar. They were selling them for anywhere from $9.99 to 24.99, depending on the size of the collar. They were selling tons of them, as fast as they could help people with their purchases. And they were really cute. They had a stuffed dog sitting on the table wearing one as a sample.

I bought my collars at Big Lots for 99 cents each. I am making them for all the little dogs in our family to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. With the snowflake or snowman version, they could even wear them in January and February. Maybe they could even have one for every month?

January - snowman, snowflake, basketball
February - hearts
March - shamrocks
April - Easter eggs
May - flowers, baseballs
June - sun, balloons, ?????
July - stars, flag, fireworks
August - school themes
September - apple, football
October - pumpkin
November - turkey
December - Christmas tree, stocking, MERRY CHRISTMAS


Dog obedience gift

Date Posted: 05:41:43 05/11/04 Tue
Author: Maryp
Subject: dog obedience graduation

Please can anyone come up with a poem and small gift for doggie graduation. Thank you in advance.


[> Re: dog obedience graduation -- jacksmum, 02:13:00 05/12/04 Wed [1]

Hi Mary.
Congrats to the top dog. LOL Jack flunked dog school - they say dogs are only as smart as their owners so can't really blame him. LOL. Sue

Paws up to you
you’re the leader of the pack,
graduated from school
no holding you back.
Sit, drop and come
commands you obey,
you’re the head of the class
as you practice stay.
So hold your head high
and wag your tail with pride,
congratulations -you did it
with (owner’s name) by your side.
~Sue Pitchfork~

For a gift you could make a “Good Boy” certificate, dog toys, dog treats, a little graduation scroll tied with a collar, a candy bouquet made with dog food – Good O’s stuck on skewers might work. Voucher for the local dog wash.


Collapsible Dog Bowl

Date Posted: 02:00:54 05/12/04 Wed
Author: Fay in Australia
Subject: Travelling / collapsible dogs bowl verse ?

I love the poems for the dog's picker upper bags etc thank you.
Does anyone have one for the collapsible folding dog's bowls please, I guess for when the dog goes in the car or on a trip,


[> Re: Travelling / collapsible dogs bowl verse ? -- jacksmum, 19:01:15 05/12/04 Wed [1]

Hope this helps Fay:

Please take this item
wherever you take me,
it folds up nicely
and is a dish you see.
For I do get thirsty
when we travel in the car
and sometimes when out walking
if we go too far.
But with this bowl
there’s never any stress,
just fill it up with water
my owner you’re the best!
~Sue Pitchfork~

Water water everywhere
but nowhere is a cup,
now here’s a collapsible bowl
So you can lap it up!
~Sue Pitchfork~

[> Re: Travelling / collapsible dogs bowl verse ? -- Fay in Australia, 03:04:39 05/13/04 Thu [1]

Thank you, you are a treasure,

[> Re: Travelling / collapsible dogs bowl verse ? -- jacksmum, 18:26:04 05/13/04 Thu [1]

LOLOLOL Reminds me of an old joke:

You are such a treasure
- you should be buried.

Glad I could help

Dog and Cat Crafts

Date Posted: 17:08:37 08/18/04 Wed
Author: birdhousebonnie
Subject: Dog crafts?

Does anyone have any crafts for dogs or dog owners that you have luck selling at shows? For cats, I make catnip mice from recycled jeans and package kitty grass for owners to grow for them, especially in the winter. The only "dog" item I have is for the owner - pillows using the fabric with the dogs with big noses.Bonnie

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Sue P, 23:34:31 08/20/04 Fri [1]

I didnt get to read this,for a few days,sorry,not responding sooner,I saw the leashes made out of I think it was that hemp sting,thats so popualr and beads were strung on them,like the glass fancy ones,comes in many sizes and shapes and colors,also seed beads,for real thin leashes,made like jewerly as a necklace for humans,know what I mean,ha Im not good at directions,I ll try to find a pix.If I do,Ill post it.

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- LeeW, 17:47:30 08/18/04 Wed [1]

My daughter has made these for various friend's pets and they were well received:

Dog biscuits in a jar ... s-jar.html

This same site has several pet recipes

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Retschoolmarm, 17:55:08 08/18/04 Wed [1]

How about those cute signs with cute sayings- you can always paint a dog or dog head or just the eyes,nose and mouth of a dog. You know, the sayings that say"If you want to sit in the best seat in the house, move the dog." There's one where there is a dog face only and says Dad's busy- take a number. I have scads of sayings. I'll look the site up if you wish- also there are little bandanas and visors for dogs and dog booties for walking in the snow- I'm going to make some for my neighbor's dog. You can email me if you want to know more. Put dog crafts in the subject line. Linda aka Retschoolmarm

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Gracie, 18:09:18 08/18/04 Wed [1]

Here is something I did that started as a joke because a friend of mine said she was coming to my show and there better be something there for her dog, I took a cone bag (decorating bag) and filled it with different kind of dog food/treats, layered them like sand art, lol Tied off the top with a bow and added a tag. We made up 5 of them and they sold before she came. I sold them for $2.50 each.
Just a simple idea that started out funny and ended even funnier.
Good Luck

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Sue P., 22:36:37 08/18/04 Wed [1]

Ive seen where people make beaded collars for the dogs,and they seemed to be selling well,lots of people at her booth ,theyre pretty neat,as you can make them as elaborate as youd like.Good luck,let us know what youve come up with.

[> [> Re: Dog crafts? -- Grandma Bonnie, 11:29:59 08/19/04 Thu [1]

I make a few things for dogs too... I make neck coolers for them out of bandanas which doubles as a collar in all sizes from Small - for Chihuahuas to X-Large - up to 29"! It's an easy pattern and I use a simple buckle so it stays on! I also make a coat suitable for the Chis that uses velcro - easy enough for a man to use! lol Since I have four of the little guys (like potato chips, you can't have just one...) I also make a bed pad made with rice to heat so they don't get cold. All very easy...

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- linne, 12:00:16 08/19/04 Thu [1]

This is a great post. Lots of good ideas!
How about making Christmas ball ornament with paw prints on them. You could also personalize with animal's name

Seems like I always have questions:
Sue P: can you describe the beaded colars in a little more detail.
Bonnie: Do you make a washable cover for your rice mats? How big are they?

[> [> Re: Dog crafts? -- Bonnie Auvil, 13:41:05 08/19/04 Thu [1]

On the bed bags... I make them 11" x 19" I just tear a 12" piece, selvage to selvage and make a bag out of that - I add 3 cups of uncooked (you can't believe how many people thing I used rice - I also add a few snips of lavender for the smell. Yes, a cover can be used... However they never get dirty, so it isn't necessary really - the customer likes the cover though... Add on sales, ya know... I sell the cover for $1.50 and the pad for $3.50...

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Virginia/WA, 13:59:53 08/19/04 Thu [1]

Bonnie is there any special place that you get your 'Cat Nip'? I've been wanting to make some cat nip toys, but cat nip isn't cheep here!

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- Lisa, 16:07:07 08/19/04 Thu [1]

birdhousebonnie, My son has an exclusive shop and he sells decorated dog collars as fast as he can make them. Some are really elaborate. Rhinestones and pearls. He gets the plain collars at the dollar store and then adds all the embellishments.You have to sew the stuff on, not hot glue, so it will stay good. You'll be suprised at what people will pay to make their pet look special. HA! Hope this helps, and good luck, Lisa

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- babs, 19:40:57 08/19/04 Thu [1]

I am a doggie lover and have dressed many a dog up. Tee hee. I too have made the neck coolers out of bandanas tho. And hats for the sunny days are cute if they keep them on.
But mine usually will only sport a bandana around their neck so have one for every holiday and season. I made rice bags for my old doggie as he has hip trouble and the pup loves his after going out in the snow! Also have seasonal cases for them. Just beware not to heat them up too hot as they can burn the dog.

[> [> Re: Dog crafts? -- Grandma Bonnie, 22:35:24 08/19/04 Thu [1]

You're right about not putting in the bag for too long - My four Chis have to fight the GD over the bags... She loves them too... lol

[> Re: Dog crafts? -- CrazeeMoi, 20:57:55 08/21/04 Sat [1]

maybe you could use a regular dog biscuit glue a pin back?? need some kind of sealer tho maybe?? just an idea.......
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Oct 21, 2005 7:14 pm

Possible Idea for New Puppy Owner

Date Posted: 01:42:02 10/17/05 Mon
Author: ~BETTY~ B
Subject: OT- How to Photograph a New Puppy

How To Photograph A New Puppy

1. Remove film from box and load camera.
2. Remove film box from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.
3. Remove puppy from trash and brush coffee grounds from muzzle.
4. Choose a suitable background for photo.
5. Mount camera on tripod and focus.
6. Find puppy and take dirty sock from mouth.
7. Place puppy in pre-focused spot and return to camera.
8. Forget about spot and crawl after puppy on knees.
9. Focus with one hand and fend off puppy with other hand.
10. Get tissue and clean nose print from lens.
11. Put cat outside and put peroxide on the scratch on puppy's nose.
12. Put magazines back on coffee table.
13. Try to get puppy's attention by squeaking toy over your head.
14. Replace your glasses and check camera for damage.
15. Jump up in time to grab puppy by scruff of neck and say, "No, outside! No, outside!"
16. Clean up mess.
17. Sit back in chair with lemonade and resolve to teach puppy "sit" and "stay" the first thing in the morning

[> [> Re: OT- How to Photograph a New Puppy -- Shannon, 06:20:08 10/17/05 Mon [1]

How cute!! Makes me miss my days with my puppy! I think this would make a great tag to go with canine necessities for new puppy owners! You know something like a Puppy Survival Kit! HMMM!! My wheels are a turning LOL!!!

[> [> [> Re: OT- How to Photograph a New Puppy -- ~BETTY~ B, 10:15:05 10/17/05 Mon [1]

Don't forget to add a disposable camera to that Puppy Survival kit. Would love to hear what else you will be adding and also see the tag if you make one.
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Postby Caboobie » Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:33 pm

Link: Braid dog toy

Date Posted: 22:44:14 02/16/06 Thu
Author: Laurel
Subject: Braid dog toy

Can someone tell me how to make a dog toy braid out of fleece? I think that it was here that they were discussed but I can't find them. Please email me about them. I would hate to miss them after requesting help with this.I know that they shouldn't be hard, I just can't picture on where to begin.TIA Laurel

[> Re: Fleece braid -- j, 06:48:18 02/17/06 Fri [1]

I just used scraps of fleece from other projects. 6 or 9 pieces, 1 yd. by 1-1 1/2" wide. Group them together & tie a knot in one end; braid them & tie a knot in the other end. That's all there is to it. And yes - the dogs love them!

[> Re: Fleece braid -- Laurel, 18:27:08 02/20/06 Mon [1]


Fleece Braided Dog Pull Toy ... ck-dog-toy
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:53 am

Funny Gifts for Pet Lover

Date Posted: 19:38:28 01/19/07 Fri
Author: Cathy in MT
Subject: Silly or gag gifts

We are in the process of trying to put the finishing touches on the gift basket for our Homeless Pet Shelter director. We were wondering if anyone had any cute gag gifts that deal with dogs or cats or funny sayings about dogs and cats. She got a jar with candy and traditional sayings about dogs and cats last year when she was in the hospital and liked that sop can't repeat that.Any ideas? Anything along the line of cats and dogs that is funny would probably work...we just want to add a little more uplifting things to the basket. Thanks, Cathy

Re: Silly or gag gifts -- katieangelamber, 19:45:10 01/19/07 Fri [1]

Make up a packaging that looks like animal treats but call them People Treats Or (Her name) Treats.
Use some tpye of candy inside the packaging. Hugs, katieangelamber

Re: Silly or gag gifts -- crafterwannabe, 20:08:07 01/19/07 Fri [1]

This post in archives has lots of great sayings for cats and dogs - plus a lot of other little funny things. Sure to bring a smile or two.

Re: Silly or gag gifts -- Crafty Me2, 21:10:16 01/19/07 Fri [1]

Maybe these have possibilities...

Site with some cat "cartoonish" sayings you could print and cut them out to put in a jar, bag or box.

Here's another site...

And another

Re: Silly or gag gifts -- Cathy in MT, 22:01:06 01/19/07 Fri [1]

Thanks gals. Just e-maield some of the ideas to the other helpers. Things are not going well so we need to get the basket doene qwuickly to help her out a bit. Needs some interesting things to keep her mind off of the sad state of affairs! Cathy

Re: Silly or gag gifts -- Judy R, 22:48:18 01/19/07 Fri [1]

I put a can opener in a baggie (I got little plastic magnets that looked like can openers, but a real one would work) and sold them as automatic cat callers.

Your kitty ran away,
You don't know what to do?
Just use this automatic cat caller,
She'll come running back to you.

Have you seen the kitty litter cake? I made one for my daughter, who works at a cat hospital, it was a real hoot.
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Postby crafterwannabe » Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:16 pm

Printable Toppers for Doggie Treats

Date Posted: 15:37:01 02/08/07 Thu
Author: valerie_nyr4
Subject: need info on valentine doggie topper

Last week I downloaded the doggie valentine topper that was posted here...I put 2 doggie biscuits in a craft bag and gave them as gifts to family members..
What I need to know ( I cannot locate the message so I do not know who posted the topper to share with us) can the topper be changed to exclude the words Valentine?
It would be fun to have the topper be used all year round..
Thanks and have a great day
The temp here is 22 and the wind chill is

[> Re: need info on valentine doggie topper -- donnaP, 16:15:05 02/08/07 Thu [1]

Hi Valerie
I think the dog topper was mine. I'll try to find it tonight or tomorrow and change it for you. If I have time I'll post a couple of others so you have some choices.

[> Re: need info on valentine doggie topper -- valerie_nyr4, 17:01:02 02/08/07 Thu [1]

Now I remember the name..thank you so much, is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute...I do a Farmer's Market in the spring..when I feel I can...and I would love to give them to the dog's that are taking their masters for a walk..lololol..
Is there one for cats?..just curious..I do appreciate you sharing toppers with us..this is one thing I cannot
Have a good day..

[> Re: need info on valentine doggie topper -- donnaP, 21:35:57 02/08/07 Thu [1]

Here are some dog toppers. Hope you like them. I will try a cat one soon.
donnaP ... opper1.jpg ... rblue3.jpg ... erblue.jpg ... rblue2.jpg

[> Re: need info on valentine doggie topper -- valerie_nyr4, 19:12:52 02/09/07 Fri [1]

Thank you so much, Donna...perfect!
Looking forward to the cats..
have a happy
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Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:17 pm

Dog Treat Ideas

Date Posted: 10:59:52 08/30/07 Thu
Author: judie
Subject: dog treat ideas

My friend's dog has a birthday today and was hoping to make something special for her. Any quick ideas? Thanks! :>)

Re: dog treat ideas -- crafterwannabe, 11:51:53 08/30/07 Thu [1]

Sounds like you need quick & easy ... Last year I found glass jars with a ceramic top at the Dollar Tree. I filled them with doggie treats and added a cute graphic to the jar that said Dog Treats - tied a ribbon around the top. Any glass jar with a lid would do and you could personalize with the dog's name. You might find some ideas/poems on these archived links:

Multiple Ideas
(referenced this thread so deleted)

Pet Pockets ... dog+treats

Treats in Cone Bags

Re: dog treat ideas -- Jenny Leigh, 16:31:18 08/30/07 Thu [1]

Here are some sites with dog treat recipes in case you'd like to make something special to go inside any container you may make.

Dog Biscuits in a Jar ... s-jar.html

Dog Treat Recipes

Archiver's Note: For more pet recipes, check this thread: ... 4370#34370
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