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After the FAQ's (in Shirley's honor, I just couldn't resist that pun!), you will find the links to download ShirleyT's e-books.  These can be downloaded at no charge but PLEASE READ THE FAQ if you have any questions.  Unfortunately, there will be no technical support available to answer your questions and it grieves me to say that there probably will be no future issues.


How do I download an e-book?

These e-books are in Adobe's .pdf format.  If you click on the "Download" link, you .pdf reader should open automatically.  Be advised that by doing this you WILL NOT SAVE the e-book to your computer.  See the next topic if you want to save a copy.

How do I save an e-book to my computer?

RIGHT-Click the e-book link. Chose "Save Target As" and your browser will ask you where on your computer you want to save the e-book. Create a folder called "ebooks" (or something similar or whatever you want).  Whatever you name that folder is fine -- just remember the name and where it is on your computer.

How long will it take to download an e-book?

Each e-book is fairly large - 2 to 5 MB in size. Broadband will be almost instantaneous, but dial up will take several minutes and requires patience!  There may be something on the lower left hand screen showing progress.

How do I open an e-book so I can see the contents?

To open the e-book, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5 or higher.  Acrobat Reader is a free program that can be downloaded from the Adobe website but is already installed on most computers.  If you have Acrobat reader correctly installed, you need only to navigate to the location where you saved the book and click on it.

Can I change the size of the print on the screen?

Yes.  Change the size of your e-book on the screen through the View tab across the top or by typing in a different percentage.

How do I print an e-book?

After opening the book, choose "file" from the menu and then "print".  Make sure your print properties are landscape.  You can print all pages, the current page or specified pages.

Can I print a single page?

Yes. Find the page you wish to print and look at the bar across the bottom for the page number.  Click "File", "Print".  At this point change the range you wish to print by putting in the page number and print.

Are zip files available?

After zipping, there was not a big file size difference so we chose not to offer zip files.