Fisherman's Angel

© 2002 by Shirley Thomas


  • Paint a 1 1/2" wooden ball (head) the desired skin tone and glue to the tip of a triangular-shaped sea sponge (body).
  • Glue Spanish moss (hair) to the head.
  • Use a Sharpie black fine tip marker to draw a simple face.  Eyes can be made cute and easily by drawing a curve with eye lashes along bottom of it so she is looking down.
  • Glue a 2" straw hat to head.
  • Slide handles off of two small brooms. Glue both brooms to back of neck as shown for wings.
  • Poke two short sticks into the sponge for arms and glue in place.
  • Glue a piece of fishing line to a twig for fishing pole and glue a fish to it.  Glue to her body between her arms.
  • Glue arms together with a small bucket between them.  Glue small shells or stones in bucket.
  • Cut a short piece of beige chenille stem and glue green or black beads to it for eyes. Bend and glue to edge of bucket so that it appears to be a worm looking over side.
  • Glue dried or silk flowers to hat.
  • Glue a raffia bow at neck.

Clip Art:  Unknown - angel