Daddy's Diapering Kit

This kit will include a clothespin, rubber gloves, goggles, tongs, a small pack of baby wipes, baby powder and a diaper.  Place all in a tool belt.  Everything pictured, including the belt, was available at the Dollar Store.  This is an inexpensive but cute and useful gag gift for the new or expectant father.

Diaper backward spells repaid!  Think that's a coincidence?!?!


Daddy's Diapering Kit
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First clip the clothespin to your nose...
This is just the beginning of your woes!
Carefully pull on each surgical glove.
Remember you do this out of love!

Don the goggles and you're ready.
Oh, the things you do as a daddy!
With tongs & diaper, head for the trash
setting a new record for the 3-yard dash!

Now those wipes will come in handy...
Just a little swipe and all is dandy.
Then sprinkle on a little smelly powder
and you just couldn't be any prouder!

Oops... Hurry and cover that little tush
before you have a fountain gush!
And now your reward is one of bliss...
A great big slobbery hug and kiss!