Heirloom Hanky Bonnet

This project was on my CraftMallUSA site from 1998, however the poem was Author Unknown, which I do not like to use, so now 10 years later, I wrote the one below.  I'd love to add more poems if author is known.  Thanks!

10" square handkerchief*
1-3/8 yds. 1" edging lace
1-1/2 yds. 1/4" satin ribbon
fabric glue (if not sewing)
needle & matching thread
saftey pin (optional)

Hanky Baby Bonnet - Side View

Hanky Bonnet - Back View

Glue or stitch lace around all four edges of right side of handkerchief with ruffle to the outside.  (If handkerchief has a pretty scalloped edge you may not need lace.)  *If you don't have a handkerchief, just finish off the edges of a square of some pretty linen or your favorite suitable fabric and add the lace.

Fold two opposite edges up (with right sides showing) so that lace almost touches in the  center.  This forms the front and back.  First picture shows how the two laces almost touch.   Make sure any design on the hanky is to the front.  Baste along the lace edge of the back to form a casing.  Insert a 24" piece of ribbon through casing and draw up so that center is about the size of a silver dollar.   See second picture above.  (Hint:  A safety pin pinned on the end of ribbon you're running through makes this much easier.)  Tie ribbon into a bow.  You can readjust size to fit baby.

Cut two 14" pieces of ribbon for ties.  Fold under one end of each ribbon 1/2".  Tack the folded end of ribbon to each side of bonnet approximately 1-1/4" inside the front fold at lace junction.  (Hint:   If you don't wish to sew on ties, you can baste the front as you did the back and insert a 30" piece of ribbon through the casing for ties.  This gives the bonnet a different look.)

Cut ends of ribbons at an angle.  Print poem, trim, punch a hole in corner and slip onto one of the tie ribbons and tie ribbons into a bow.   And you have a wonderful baby gift!

Note:  Size & look may be changed by using a different size handkerchief and/or different width ribbon and folding up more or less of handkerchief edge for front & back.  A finished width of 5" to 6" across bonnet makes a nice size for infant.

Hanky Bonnet Poem

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