Grandma's Paddle

  • Paint a paint stirrer, a piece of broomstick, dowel, etc. for the handle.  A hole may be drilled in it for hanging.
  • Stuff a lady's evening glove with polyester fiberfill.  With needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the cuff of the glove.  Insert the handle, pull stitching tight and tie and/or spot glue the glove around the handle to hold in place.
  • Cut the cuff and part of sleeve from an old blouse.  Glue lace along the upper part to finish off.  Slip it over the glove, position and tie off with ribbon.  (Or just tie a silk scarf around the glove cuff.)
  • Paint "Grandma's Paddle" with a paint pen or marker on the handle.
  • Attach below poem with ribbon.

Grandpa's Paddle

If you make Grandma's Paddle please send us a picture! Thanks