Loose Rocks

When Katie (14 y.o. DD) and I were working on some rock poems, DH said rocks had fallen out of our heads.... so we decided to put them to good use! lol  The last line and grammar was all Katie's idea! lol

  • Use a fine tip Sharpie marker and light colored stones.  Write the following words on smooth river rocks or come up with your own words.  Sanity, Intellect, Wisdom, Common Sense, Good Judgment
  • A bag of river rocks from the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart costs around $1.  Pick out the light stones and use the darker stones for some of our other stones projects.
  • Put the stones in a small plastic bag with words facing front.  The 3" x 4" bags from Wal-Mart work great.
  • Print topper, fold and attach to top of bag.