Seed Packet Angel

Seed Packet Angels
 Submitted by Deborah aka Bzybee - Originally posted on THS

  • Use the old-fashioned looking seed packets that you can sometimes find ten for a dollar.

  • Cut a small slit in the top of the packet and slip in a large craft stick (tongue depressor size).

  • Glue a raffia bow behind her neck for wings.

  • Paint a simple face.  Deborah drew two black dots for eyes and a tiny heart for the mouth with markers.  Add a bit of blush to cheeks with a q-tip. 

  • Glue Spanish moss to head for hair.

  • Glue a small ribbon bow at neck.

  • Add a thread hanger by stitching and knotting in each of the upper corners.

  • Cut a heart shape from cardstock, print a short message on it and glue as in picture.  The following messages correspond with different seed packets...

Carrot seeds:  "14 Carrot Friend!"
Forget me not seeds:  "I miss you!"
Sunflower seeds:  "You are my sunshine!"
Alyssum & baby's breath seeds:  "Gardening Angel"
Shasta daisy seeds:  "He loves me! He loves me not!"
Watermelon seeds:  "Thanks a melon!"
Honeydew Seeds:  "Honeydew you know I love you!"
Bean seeds:  "I've bean thinking about you!"
String bean seeds:  "Don't string me along!" or
String bean seeds:  "I'd never string you along!"
Cantaloupe seeds:  "You cantaloupe without me!"
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  • Add poem.

  • Recipient can remove the craft stick to plant seeds and then glue it back in place to use as an ornament or decoration.

  • Deborah says these are good sellers and fun and easy to make!

Print 6-up here.

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