Teacup Birdfeeder

Teacup Birdfeeder
Submitted by Eileen Herron

  • 40" length of 3/4" copper pipe
  • 3/4" copper end cap
  • cup and saucer
  • Goop glue


  • You will need a 40" piece of 3/4" copper pipe.  Note:  At a local Lowe's, 10' cost $4.97 and they will cut it into three equal pieces of 40" each for free.  End caps are about 20 cents.
  • Glue cup to saucer. Turn upside down and glue the 3/4" copper end cap to the bottom of saucer.  Weight it with a book or something heavy and let it dry overnight.
  • Carefully fit the end cap (with glued saucer) onto the 40" length of copper pipe. Note:  When you remove it for easy cleaning be sure to grasp the end cap and not the saucer.
  • Pour some birdseed  into the center of a piece of tulle or nylon netting and tie off with ribbon or raffia.  Put this bag of seed in cup with laminated poem.
  • Eileen will attest that these really work with proof in the picture!

Eileen says she tried it with water in the cup and it made a mess so she fills the cup with birdseed.  Wouldn't it be cute to make a set with a teacup feeder and a birdbath bowl?  Make one with the teacup and saucer and the other with a bowl and saucer.  Fill the teacup feeder with birdseed and the birdbath bowl with water.  The bowl would give more room like a birdbath where birds could play in the bowl of water while others ate from cup a little further away.  More sales too!! Eileen sells her feeders for $15. 

Poem 1: Teacup feeder & birdbath bowl  set - Fill teacup with seed and bowl with water.
Poem 2: Teacup feeder - Fill cup with feed.
Poem 3: Birdbath bowl - Fill bowl with water.  (With shallow water may be able to add seed to plate.)

Print 6-up at links above.

Clip Art Credit:  http://www.execpc.com/~hfs/extra/Original.html