Wineglass Candleholders

Wineglass Candleholders
©2002 Margie Coughran originally posted at Craftpal

These wineglass candleholders will look awesome around your pond or patio!


  • Screw a 1/2" floor flange (found in plumbing section) onto a 1/2" threaded metal rod.
  • Using goop, glue a wineglass to the flat side of the flange.  For extra stability wrap 18 gauge wire around the rod and glass to hold it in place using needle nose pliers to curl the ends of wire.
  • Attach flat marbles to the glass with goop.  Use thinner wire to attach beads.
  • A bedspring coils around the glass in the middle one. Wire was coiled around the spring and spray painted gold.  The glass stem was slipped through the coil and wired to the flange. Blue plastic coated wire is used on the one in right of picture.
  • Plain pipe with threaded ends can also be used and is less expensive.
  • Insert a clear votive holder and candle or a tea light in the wine glass.
  • Push rod into the ground. In our drought-stricken area that is easier said than done!  Drive a foot piece of plain pipe that is slightly bigger in diameter halfway into the ground.  Insert the candleholder end into the pipe.