Beaded Butterflies

Beaded Butterflies
from the CraftPals Archive
Picture and directions submitted by Patti E.

  • 24 gauge copper wire
  • package of seed beads
  • long bead (for body)
  • 10mm bead for head
  • wire cutters
  • round nosed pliers

  • Cut the wire to measure 24 inches and put a small loop at the end of the wire so the beads won't slide off.
  • Thread beads on the wire to measure 17 inches, and push the beads to the center of the wire so there is the same amount of wire exposed on each end.  Make another small  loop on the opposite end of the wire to prevent the beads from sliding off either end.
  • Working in  the center of the wire with the beads, make a loop to form the first wing and twist the wire to secure the beads.  Do the same on the opposite side  to form the other wing.  Make sure they are the same size.
  • Working with one wire at a time, push up some beads and working  under the wing, form a smaller wing just inside the bigger wing.  Twist the wire around the middle  to secure.  Do the same with the wire and beads on the other side, and secure wire.  Keep the beads close together, so no wire shows.
  • Pull the wires down and make two more loops of beads for the bottom wings and secure.
  • Take both wires and bend them up and over the body.  Thread  the long bead.  Work with the wire so that bead lies in the center between the wings.  Thread the head bead.
  • Separate the wires and bring it down the back of the head bead and loop it around the bigger wings and go back up though the head bead.  Pull the wire tight.
  • With round nosed pliers, curl the end of the wires to look like antennae.  Cut off any excess.

Patti makes these butterflies in all different colors and adds them to her year-round tree that she keeps inside and decorates for each holiday and/or season.  Another great idea!  Thanks Patti!