Oven Door Dress

Oven Door Dress
Florence found this at a craft show
and her sister Vikki shared on THS forum and here.  Thanks to both!


  • Print dress top pattern here.
  • Place the pattern on the fold and cut two dress tops.  Open them up and match right sides together. One side is the lining. Sew all the way down the sides. Leave bottom open and turn.  Clip edges of neck and turn under approximately 1/2" on both front and back.  Sew neck edges together.  Or if you prefer slit the shoulders on the fold.  Sew necks and sides of one front/back pair together.  Repeat with other set.  Sew the two together at the shoulders.
  • Cut a kitchen towel in half and gather the cut edge.  Fold bottom edges of the dress under and insert the gathered edge of towel.  Sew in place. Repeat on other piece.
  • Center a long ribbon across waist seam leaving enough on each end to tie ribbons.  Repeat on other piece.
  • Optional:  Sew three buttons down the center front and any other decorations desired.
  • Drape the finished oven door dress over towel rack and tie ribbons into bows.

Clip Art Credit:  Unknown