Potpourri Bear

Potpourri Bear

Has anyone seen little potpourri bears?  I haven't made one so these directions are VERY vague.  I'll try to make one and post directions with pic or maybe someone else would like to??!! :)    

Cut a circle from tulle, fill the center with potpourri and gather into a ball.  This potpourri ball becomes his tummy.  Glue poms onto it for head, arms, legs and ears.  Glue animal eyes, white nuzzle and tiny black pom nose onto face.  Then if desired you can decorate with hats, bouquets, etc.  Glue a hanger if desired.  Hang on a Christmas tree, on a shelf peg or in a closet to freshen

Yeah, I got a picture!  Mema sent me this darling little bear's pic.  She looks a bit frazzled because the cat had some fun batting her around.  Really!  But she survived and she is adorable! That is a dried flower in the potpouri in the front of her belly.  Thanks Mema!



Smelly Bear
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas
@ CraftSayings.com

Smell my tummy.
I may not be yummy,
but I smell as good,
as any bear could!

Emjay wrote:  "I have seen one, which is literally a teddy bear pattern but made from lace and stuffed with potpourri."  Anyone have a pattern?  She also wrote this cute little poem.  I think this would be great to use with the herbs and spices that are touted as therapeutic.  Thanks Emjay!


Beary Therapeutic
© 2001 by Emjay

I am your aromatherapy bear,
filled with herbs and spices.
To liven up your heart and home
my value's truly priceless!

Clip Art Credits:
Bear with bow http://www.resourcesforbears.com/CLIPART/ Resources for Bears Clip Art

Bowless bear - Bearhaus Country Graphics