Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy Stick
by Sharon Graves-MacRae



I think this would be a great little "thinking of you" gift to cheer up a friend who may feel like things are upside down and crazy!  Just make sure they know it is to cheer them and not to make light of their problems, but it would be really nice if it were that simple, wouldn't it!  Cute idea, Sharon.


Pictures and Directions from Sharon.  Thanks!



Fabric scraps
Needle and thread
Wooden dowel
Green, white and black acrylic paint
Wooden furniture finishing plugs circles
Finishing spray
Optional tiny ladybugs or leaves (bought in pkgs. At Wal-Mart)
Hot glue and gun


1.  Start by making your yo-yo’s with scrap fabric and inserted with cardboard circles. One 1 ½ inch in diameter and one 3 inches in diameter.

2.  Paint the wooden plugs all green then add the eyes with white and black dots. Allow drying.

3.  When dry apply a light finishing spray.

4.  Paint dowels green and spray with finishing spray. Allow drying.

5.  Hot glue the small yo-yo into center of larger yo-yo circle.

6.  Glue little green face to center of smaller yo-yo and you end up with a 3D effect.

7.  Glue dowel to back of flower head.

8.  Add leaves or ladybugs along stem.

9.  Then you can add a cute poem like this one Shirley and Craftsayings came up with for me.


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