Flag Can

Flattened Can Flag
by Patti E., moderator of the Holiday Board at Craftpals.com

Patti says, "Painting flags on cans has been around for quite a while, so this is not a new idea, but I wanted to share the one I made to display all year."

2 lb. 2.5 oz. coffee can
Tin Snips
Flat nosed pliers
Small nail & hammer
Pencil & ruler
Fine point Sharpie marker
Clearcote hi-shine glaze

DecoArt Americana Napa Red
DecoArt Americana True Blue
Apple Barrel Satin Cream

  • Cut the can open on the seam with the tin snips.  Be very careful as the edges are very sharp.

  • Flatten out the can.

  • Using flat nosed pliers,  turn the edges to the back of flag.

  • With a pencil and ruler, draw the star and lines.  If using a coffee can it already has lines that can just be painted in for the stripes.

  • When paint is dried, use a fine point Sharpie marker to draw little marks to look like broken threads on the seams.

  • Spray two coats of sealer and let dry.

  • With a small nail, pound two holes on either side to thread the wire for hanging.

  • Note: Use any kinds of cans and make all different sizes of flags.

Clip Art Credit:  www.ourpuppies.com/Clipart/ clipart.html (flag)