Pocket Patriot

Pocket Patriot
 Rhonda Wickerham designed this wonderful idea.

  • Cut out card and cut a slit where the line is.

  • Fold sides to inside and glue at tab to form a little envelope. 

  • Cut out and laminate the small "We love you square".  If desired write a message on the back before laminating or even laminate a picture to the back.  Put it in the envelope.

  • Fold top and bottom up and tuck the pointed flap into the slit to close.

  • It would also be nice to add messages, photos and/or small candies like a couple of individually wrapped lifesavers inside the envelope.

  • Give to your favorite service person.

Clip Art Credit:  Unknown... please let us know if you know the source.
Author is Unknown also and we would love to give him/her credit.  Thanks!