Christmas Swap 2002 Pics
2002 Christmas Swap

Thank you Lin'a for being a great swap hostess!  Our first annual Christmas swap was put together at the last minute but was wonderful!  All 18 crafters did a superb job.


Crochet Santa
Mary (Mad Mary)
Spokane, Washington

Sign Language "I Love You!"
Sue P.
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Mouse in Pot (assorted)
Pat J.
Crowley, Louisiana


Quilted Ball
Statesboro, Georgia

Candied Apple
Statesboro, Georgia

Angel Bell
Nylietta R.
Sycamore, Illinois

Sandpaper Gingerbread
Crosset, Arkansas


Sheep Family (Papa, Mama & Baby)
Shirley T.
Fredericksburg, Virginia


Pasta Angel
West Jefferson, Ohio

Angel Feather Ball
Christine L.
Collierville, Tennessee


Santa Repair Kit
Annie R.
Alymer, Ontario

Milk Jug Cap Ornie
West Yorkshire, England


Sea horse
Chico, California

Tri-bead Candy Cane
Strasburg, Ohio

Snowman Pin
Raleigh, North Carolina


Laminated Pins
Genie H.
Highland, Maryland

Cookie Cutter Ornie
Genie H.
Highland, Maryland


Snowman Shaker
Leander, Texas

Angel Soap
Trudy (LilPeach)
APO, Belgium

Nite Lite Bulb Snowman
Chico, California
Something extra Lin'a sent to me! I LOVE it!

Beaded Lace Wreath
Bobbie Bates
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks and Hugs to all that participated!  It was a wonderful treat to open a box with beautiful ornaments from all over the country and even from Belgium, Canada and England.  We'll start earlier next year and hope to exchange with lots more of you!

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