Birdhouse Ornament

Birdhouse Ornaments

I made these with my kids one year.  The boys were probably 8 and 10 and wanted to earn money, so we made some and took them to a consignment shop.  It was summer and the shop soon went out of business. Only a couple sold, so guess what people got for Christmas presents that year! LOL My DH doesn't remember but he cut the wood for us.

  • The wood is about 1.5" wide and 1/4" thick.  The top is cut at an angle, as you can see, and it is about 1.75" from tip to bottom.

  • Use a drill to drill a little bird hole, partially thru the wood.

  • Paint the wood pieces white.  Let dry.

  • Nail a little brass brad or nail for the "perch" just below the hole.

  • Cut popsicle sticks for the roof and paint them.  We had red roofs, blue roofs, green roofs and mauve roofs if I remember.  Glue the roofs on with a glue gun.

  • Glue a string of pearl beads along the roof edge.

  • Glue a pearl bead in the hole for an egg.

  • Glue a little moss around the hole and perch.

  • Glue a little silk rose and ribbon to the front corner.

  • Glue a gold thread hanger to the back.

I'm pretty sure this was our own design.  Hope you enjoy! They could also be used for spring ornaments.