Chalk Snowman

Snowman Chalk

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it submitted this cute idea to make a snowman from a piece of chalk. Wouldn't he be cute on the Christmas tree?

  • Paint on eyes (or glue on wigglies) and a carrot nose onto a piece of fat sidewalk chalk.

  • Add a ribbon or strip of fabric around the neck.

  • Glue a small plastic top hat or stocking cap made from fabric to the top.  Glove fingers would work perfect for a cap!

  • Paint black dots for mouth and also down front for buttons (or glue tiny black poms).

  • Add the poem.

  • Now make a whole family by using skinnier chalk for mama and also maybe a half piece for a baby snowman!  lol

  • Optional:  Spray with sealer and glue on a ribbon hanger for an adorable Christmas ornament.

Now you have your own snowman chalk to build (or at least draw! lol) a snowman.  Tammy says, "It does not snow here, so we have to think of different ways to *build* a snowman!"  Very clever and original!  Thanks for sharing.

Caution:  Do not give to very young children, especially if using wiggly eyes and poms!

Snowman Chalk
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas

When you want a snowman
and can't wait 'til it snows,
this little guy will help you
make one with his toes!

Clip Art Credit:  Unknown