Drum Ornie

Drum Ornie

  • Toilet Tissue Roll

  • (10) 8 mm plastic jewel beads

  • 2 mm thick fun foam

  • Red Felt

  • Thin Green Ribbon

  • Colored Party Toothpick

  • Glue

  • Marker or Paint Pen


Use in place of name tags on presents. They are so inexpensive and easy to make that you can make up several and put names on them later as needed. Those you forgot will think you went out of your way making a cute personalized gift!
  • Cut the toilet tissue roll in half or in thirds. Make drums in a variety of sizes.
  • Trace the top and bottom of the roll onto white fun foam and cut out the two circles. Glue the circles to the top and bottom of the roll using either white glue or a glue gun.
  • Cut a piece of red felt to cover the roll and glue it around entirely.

  • Glue a piece of thin green ribbon around the top and bottom of the drum. Glue four beads evenly around the top as shown in the picture. Glue four more around the bottom, but make sure they are between the top beads and not directly beneath them.

  • Glue one end of a long piece of green ribbon under a bottom bead near the felt seam. Loop it over the next top bead and down under the next bottom bead, continuing like this around the entire drum. Cut at the end and glue under the last bead. You may also need to “tack glue” around a couple of other beads if the ribbon is not tight enough.
  • Cut, fold and glue a piece of ribbon near the felt seam for the hanger.
  • Cut a colored party toothpick in half. Cut off the very tips (so they don’t protrude through the bead) and wedge that end into a 8 mm bead for drum sticks.

  • Personalize by writing a name on the top with a magic marker or paint stick.

  • Glue the drumsticks to the top under the name.