Handprint Santa Couple

Handprint Santa and Mrs. Claus

Mr. & Mrs. Claus have stretched arms from carrying all of those presents!  Actually we made them from my children's handprints many years ago and they are more cherished every year.

Make in green and you have elves!


  • Red, pink/ flesh, black & green felt

  • Polyfil stuffing

  • Wiggly eyes

  • Gold sequins

  • Lace & ribbon

  • White poms for hat

  • Small gold beads

  • Tiny red poms

  • Red dimensional paint or red embroidery thread for mouth

  • Tiny glasses (optional)

  • White bumpy for hat (optional)

  • Monofilament or gold thread for hanger


  • You have to use your imagination here.  Sizes will vary with size of handprint.

  • Trace child's handprint and cut out of red felt.  Cut a circle of pink or flesh felt for face and glue to handprint using picture as a guideline.

  • Glue on polyfil for hair (and beard) or a bumpy for hat fur.  Glue a white pom to tip of thumb.

  • Glue on eyes, tiny pom nose and paint mouth (or glue embroidery thread for mouth).   If desired glue on glasses.

  • Re-trace ring and middle fingers of pattern for boots; cut from black felt and glue in place.  Glue sequins to boots for buckles.

  • Trace, cut and glue white felt to tips of two remaining "hand" fingers.

  • Glue a strip of black felt to Santa's waist and a sequin belt buckle.

  • Cut a dress for Mrs. Clause from green felt or just glue on an apron.

  • Decorate with trims and bows as desired.  Sew or glue hanger to top.