Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

Put this little poem with an instant packet of spiced cider or cocoa.  Of course if you're ambitious, you could also put  it with homemade cocoa mix :)  And to make it more special put it in a mug and tie it off with cellophane and ribbon.

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Holiday Cheer
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas @

Mix with water as a start.
Add love from the heart.
Plop in a great big hug.
Let it overflow the mug.

Sprinkle in thoughtfulness.
Add goodness and kindness.
Fold in peace and generosity
and mix with joy and charity.

Throw in a holiday wish.
Give it a another swish.
Heap on the laughter.
Add giggles and stir.

Now whip it up with fun
And serve to everyone.
May this holiday cheer
Bring happiness all year!