Pillow Snowman - Fluffy

Brrrrr!Fluffy the Snowman

Let it snow, let it now, let it snow!

On a cold day, snuggle up to Fluffy with some hot chocolate and a good book!

  • White bed pillow
  • Stocking cap or toboggan
  • Scarf or strip of fabric
  • Buttons
  • Orange felt scrap
  • Pair of mittens, gloves or cut out similar shapes from felt
  • Small broom or whisk broom (optional)

Fluffy the Snowman Bed Pillow

Instructions for Fluffy the Snowman

  • Whip stitch or glue a stocking cap to the top of a white bed pillow, pulling the corners of pillow under the cap.
  • Tie a scarf around the pillow about 1/3 way down.
  • Sew or glue on button eyes and mouth.
  • Cut a circle of orange felt, slit half way and shape into a cone for a carrot nose (or just use a triangle shape); glue or sew edge of nose to face.
  • Sew buttons down the front.
  • Sew or glue mittens or gloves to the front for the arms.
  • If desired, prop a small broom or whisk broom along Fluffy, depending on size of pillow.