Santa Letter

Santa Letter

  • Print the Letter from Santa here.  Trim any excess printing from top and bottom.

  • Print Reindeer Dust Poem here.  Trim edges.  Put some glitter or colored sugar crystals and oats (you can use some from a package of instant oatmeal) in a clear bag and attach poem as a topper.

  • Print a List to Santa here.

  • Print the Mailing Label here.

  • Put the Letter from Santa, Reindeer Dust and List to Santa in a sturdy envelope, fill out and attach mailing label and mail to child.

  • If the child questions why the letter has a local postmark, of course it is because Santa mailed it locally while checking on good girls and boys!  Or put the correct postage on it, enclose it in another package with correct postage and mail it to Postmaster, North Pole, AK 99705.  Enclose a note asking them to mail the package.  There is no additional fee!

  • Optional:  Make it really special by putting it in a small plastic bottle, such as a drink bottle.  Cut a small slit in the side of plastic bottle to insert items.  Tape the opening shut.  Glue the address label over the slit to hide it.  Cover the address label with clear packing tape to protect it.  Take to post office to get the exact postage due.  If possible, use Christmas stamps.

  • P.S. You can cut off the author byline before giving to a child.

TO:  A Very Good Child!
FROM: Santa Claus

I've been checking on you
and saw you were nice,
As I peaked in windows
for quite a few nights!

I'll be coming soon
so please write a list.
Be sure to jot down
the things that you wish.

The elves will make up
your most favorite toys,
But remember I do visit
lots of good girls and boys!

Then on Christmas Eve
we'll load up the sleigh
With all that we can carry
and we'll be heading your way!

Now please help ensure
that my reindeer get me there,
By sprinkling this magic dust
in the Christmas Eve night air!


© 2000 by


Reindeer Dust

Sometimes it's foggy
and at night hard to see.
I do have Rudolph's nose
but what if on the blink it goes!

Getting to your house
is certainly a must!
So on Christmas Eve
sprinkle this Reindeer Dust.

It guarantees we'll be there
as magic lights up the night,
And his favorite smell of oats
guides Rudolph with delight!


© 2000 by