Santa Tree

Santa Tree
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Melinda made this wonderful, whimsical Santa Tree.  It would make any yard a real showstopper!

Small toys (search bottom of toy box!)
High gloss red paint
Red Christmasy fleece
White batting
Large black garbage bag
Yellow fun foam

Toys: Attach long wire to toys so they can be wired to a tree.  Spray toys completely with high gloss red paint.  If you don't have enough toys, fill in with a few red bows.

Hat: Make the hat from fleece (sort of like an ice cream cone).  Glue or staple white batting along the bottom edge.  For the pom, cut a large circle of batting, baste around edges and gather.  Sew or glue to tip of hat.  Add wire to both sides of hat.

Beard: Cut a beard shape from white batting and attach wire to each side.

Belt: Cut a garbage bag open full length.  Wrap it around 5" wide cardboard for stability.  Cut a square hole from a 5" square piece of yellow fun foam for belt buckle and glue to belt.  Attach wire at 18" intervals of belt.

Assembly: Wire pieces to tree or bush as shown in the picture.  Or put pieces in Santa's burlap bag with poem.