Wrapped Sheep

Fuzzy Yarn Wrapped Sheep

These little sheep are great for Christmas, Easter or just to say I'm thinking of you.  Make them into ornaments, pins or magnets.  You'll love how inexpensive they are!  The texture and shade of yarn will give your sheep their own personality.  Fuzzy or bumpy yarn looks best.

I designed these patterns after seeing one out somewhere.  I don't draw well and the first one before these looked like a turtle!  You can use these or design your own shape.  I also experimented with different ways of wrapping and after making hundreds of these, this is the way I always do it now.  They make up quickly.  As long as the finished sheep looks good, it doesn't matter how you wrap it!

  • Cut your Sheep Patterns here from black poster board.
  • You may wish to paint bodies white so that none of black poster board shows through.  These were not painted.
  • Depending on how thick your yarn is, you may need to notch a little more out between the legs of the pattern.
  • Hold tail of yarn on body with thumb while wrapping yarn around sheep's neck.
  • Wrap across body just above sheep's legs and work your way up, wrapping as you go.  Then pull yarn up to neck.
  • Wrap back up around neck and then in direction across butt. Wrap until butt is covered.
  • Wrap from top of back down through legs.  Keep wrapping straight up and down between legs until sheep is full and fluffy and evenly covered.
  • Cut yarn and tuck the end into the yarn on back of sheep.  Glue a bow at neck.
  • Add a gold thread hanger, magnet or pinback.
  • Add a poem.

Print Sheep Patterns

Print Sheep Poems