Bami Easter Eggs

Bami Easter Eggs

My DD Katie helped with these and we had lots of fun!  Inside are disposable cameras, fishing lures, jewelry, bath stuff, small kitchen items, Slim Jims, seeds, candy, a whoopie cushion, Silly String... each egg had about 10 items, mostly inexpensive!  DD Laura  helped hide and we had great fun!  Here are our clues. The first clue for each person was taped onto a carrot or bunny sucker and put into a basket with dyed hard boiled eggs.  Picture of basket is below.


Wrap one item with crepe paper.  Add a second item next to it and wrap again.  Continue with items until all are wrapped.  Most eggs were finished with one roll of crepe paper.  But we finished off with a second roll.  If it is really bumpy you can wrap it with tissue paper after the first roll and smooth into an egg shape (as best as you can!) and wrap with a second roll of crepe paper.

Our crepe paper came from the dollar store... two rolls for a dollar.  Then we delved into the scrap box for trims, buttons, ric rac, pearl strings, ribbons, bows, sequins, charms, etc.  Also use pinking shears and scalloped scissors to cut strips of crepe paper for decoration.  Glue decorations in place with tacky white glue or a glue gun.  If using white glue, pin in place until dry.


My Motley Crew with Eggs
These are my six kids and grandson.  Yes, they may be a little old for it but they humored me and we had lots of fun.  Family has grown since then!