Bami Egg Hunt Clues

Bami Egg Hunt Clues

Give the #1 hint to the person.  Hide the #2 hint in the #1 place, etc.  Example:  Katie would receive the hint "Where does Tiger like to sun...." and you would hide the "sock eater hint" in the dining room window and her egg in the dryer.

Make up your own poem clues ahead of time.  Cut the clues apart and do one person at a time, cutting the bottom directions off the poem as each is hidden.  Hide them before everyone arrives or wakes up!

Instruct everyone that when they find their prize, they have to return to a central place and cannot open the prize until all return! You can have as many hints as you like per person.  I only did two each since eight people were hunting for eggs.


Go to where you think
the sock eater lives.
He may steal socks
but see what he gives!
(#2 - egg inside
Hey, is it windy and
raining out there?
I think you'd better
go dry your hair!
(#2 - egg by hair dryer
under bathroom sink)
Easter Bunny says
"Go dry the dishes!"
And then he'll fulfill
all of your wishes!
(#2 - egg inside
There's one that's blue
and also a pink one.
Go to the littlest room
for some Easter fun!
(#2 - egg in
blue bathroom)
As a little baby
you sat there.
Now it's used by
a doll and a bear!
(#2 - egg
hidden in high chair)
When you need it
hot but quick,
put it in here
to do the trick!
(#2 - egg
inside microwave)
When it's on the brink
and won't grind,
look underneath
to see what you find!
(#2 - egg under
sink by disposal)
We knew you were lazy
and wouldn't approve,
so we hid it close by so
you won't have to move!
(#2 - egg under desk
behind computer)
It may not be
a real spider,
but it makes for
a good hider!
(#1 - hint for
spider plant)
Check out the
National Bank of Dad,
to see what
there is to be had!
(#1 - hint for Dad's
wallet on hutch)
As you enter our home
you never ever do slip.
So look down to see
where you get a grip.
(#1 - hint under rug
at entrance)
We all know that
you are very sweet,
so look in the kitchen
for the sweetest treat!
(#1 - hint under sugar shaker)
Oops maybe
we are too late!
Better go and
check out the date!
(#1 - hint tucked in calendar)
He is piggy and fat
and never moves.
Look under him...
He's hiding clues!
(#1 - hint under
ceramic pig)
Where does
Tiger like to sun?
Look there cause
he's hiding your fun!
(#1 - hint for
dining room window)
We know you'd rather
be totally ignored,
but you're not, so look
under your keyboard!
(#1 - hint under