Witch Brew Mix

Witch Brew Mix

  • In a large bowl, mix equal parts of peanuts, M & M's, candy corn, Chex cereal, red hots, miniature marshmallows, pretzel or potato sticks, sunflower seeds and raisins.
  • Toss gently to mix.
  • Fill a mug, cauldron, bowl, recycled jar or any container and wrap tightly with cellophane, tied off with raffia or curling ribbon. (Or use a Ziploc bag.)
  • Print poem here. Trim and attach poem with ribbon.
  • Or set large bowl of mix out at a party with poem in an acrylic frame.  You could also set out small bags of the mix with poem attached for guests to take home.

Witch Brew
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Start with lots of owl's eyes.
Sprinkle in some colorful flies.
Toss in pointy toes of lizards
And a bunch of chicken gizzards.

Add blood drops in small doses
And a few cute ghost noses.
Stir in some fine bones of a bat
Along with fat claws from a cat.

That's one cup of each in a black pot.
And don't forget ants. . . they add a lot.
The following substitutions are allowed,
But only for the VERY wimpy crowd!

Owl's Eyes:  Peanuts
Colorful Flies:  M & M's
Toes of Lizards:  Candy Corn
Chicken Gizzards:  Chex Cereal
Blood Drops:  Red Hots
Ghost Noses:  Miniature Marshmallows
Bones of a Bat:  Pretzel or Potato Sticks
Claws from a Cat:  Sunflower Seeds
Ants:  Raisins