Dime-on Pin

Dime-on Pins

Want to give Mom a diamond pin?  Can't afford it?  Well, this one is affordable and the thought is there!

1 Carrot Gold & Dime-on Pin

  • Glue a dime onto a safety pin, just onto one bar of the pin, the one that doesn't go into the clothing.
  • Break the shank from a carrot button with dykes, pliers or wire cutter.   Glue a loop of wire to back of carrot with E-6000 glue.  To keep it from sliding, insert wire thru end hole of pin before gluing.
  • Print a poem from below and put pin in upper right hand corner or inside card... wherever appropriate.

Plain Dime-on Pin

Glue a dime onto a safety pin or flat bar pin.  If desired glue a loop of ribbon behind the dime first. Print "no carrot" poem below.

Top pic from Judy


Below are three different poems.  #2 has a modified version for "no carrot" pin.  Pick your favorite.

Poem #1 (card) Pin the pin inside card

Poem #2 (3 up)

Poem #2 (3 up) poem for "no carrot" pin (or either)

Poem #3 (8 up) Pin the pin in upper right corner

http://www.catsbackalley.com/graphics/clipart.html (carrots poem #3)