Leprechaun Chowder

Leprechaun Chowder

This is a great snack to do as a project with a group of kids for St. Patrick's Day!

A 3.4 oz. package of instant pistachio pudding mix contains 8T of mix.  Put 1T (that's 3 teaspoons lol) pistachio pudding mix in a baby food or small jar.  Add label.  Note:  A name brand package was 75 cents...less than 10 cents per jar!

Print 8-up shake labels here.

Here is a stir version of the poem.  This poem would be good to use with paper cups in a classroom.

Print 8-up stir labels here.

If selling at a craft show, for health regulations, remove pudding from box but do not open the paper package.  Put pudding package with the below direction label and eight regular labels in a plastic bag.