Five Kernels

Five Kernels

Place Setting Markers:

  • Put five kernels of corn or candy corn in cellophane and tie closed with a fall-colored ribbon. Large field corn kernels looks great, but popcorn kernels can be used also.  Kids love it with candy corn!

  • Print poem here.  Trim edges.

  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a tent sign.  Center poem on it and glue down with a glue stick.  Trim edges.

  • Glue the corn in upper left corner as shown in picture.

  • Write name across the top with a silver or gold glitter pen and put on or near plate as a place marker.


  • Fold construction paper or cardstock in half and in half again so that it is quarter sheet size.  Follow instructions above.

  • Or just print the poem on cardstock and attach corn.


Five Kernels

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The first winter in Plymouth was very cold
And hunger abounded as the year unrolled.
Some days each only had five kernels of corn.
Their lives were becoming sad and forlorn.

But then spring came and their harvest grew.
The pilgrims began to thrive and their spirits did too.
But they never forgot the bleak times after they did abate
So on Thanksgiving they'd put five kernels on each plate.

The first kernel reminded them of the autumn beauty.
The second one of the freedom that they held dearly.
The third reminded of their love and care for each other
And the fourth was for dear friends like the Indian brother.

The fifth kernel reminded of God's love and care for all.
So as you prepare and celebrate Thanksgiving this fall,
Remember to put five little kernels on each dinner plate
To honor the pilgrims and give thanks for our good fate.