Chewing Gum Butterfly

Bi-Gum Valentine Butterfly

Cut two hearts from pink paper and glue the tips between two sticks of red gum as shown in picture.  Hint:  When gluing the two sticks of gum together, slide the top piece back about 1/8" creating an angle on which to glue the head.  Use a wrapped candy heart with a cute little face (or a wooden heart or paper heart) for face.  Glue the face heart to the end of the sticks of gum as shown.  Glue antennae to back of head.  I used a short string of beads (or use a flower stamen or chenille stem). Bend the wings upward along the edge of gum.  Add your valentine message to the wings.  These would make wonderful party favors and also could be used in place of traditional Valentine cards.

This one was made for my daughter and the message on the wing says, "Butterflies are heaven sent like you!"

Chewing Gum Butterfly

Someone had asked for a poem, and in 2002 Monica said

How about something simple like:

You make my heart flutter Valentine,
That is why I "chews" YOU to be mine!

I think that's perfect!!!