I Love You Hand

I Love You! Hand
Sue P. made this for our Christmas Swap

This cute little hand says "I love you!" in sign language.  Make it with green and red variegated yarn for a Christmas magnet, pin or ornament and use red yarn with white trim to make a Valentine pin or magnet.

  • Cut the pattern from 7 mesh plastic canvas.  Each x represents one block so count blocks as you cut. Shape of pattern is distorted because x's are different sizes than the blocks but shape should look like the finished one in the picture.  Hint:  Save the first one you cut as a template.
  • Using regular yarn and a darning needle, fill in the whole hand except for the two middle fingers.
  • Fill two middle fingers in from the back because later you will connect them down to the palm.
  • Overcast the edges with white yarn.
  • Glue or tack two middle fingers down.
  • Glue a pinback or magnet to the back.

Add a poem for a sweet little gift.