Valentine Gift Messages

Valentine Gift Messages!

A thread on the board suggested giving a little wrapped gift each of the fourteen days leading up to Valentines Day.  If you can't give personally each day, wrap them all and put in a basket or container to give.  Instruct them to open one a day and you can number them if you wish.  You could also do it for a week.  There are many more ideas on this thread, but below are some cute ideas for kids.

Use the appropriate poem for either 7 or 14 days of gifts.

I go bananas over you! (banana... make it the first to open so it doesn't go bad!)
You make me bubble over with joy. (bubble bath)
By gum!  You're special. (pack of gum)
You're worth a mint to me (pack of mints)
I love how you make me snicker! (Snickers bar)
I love your hugs and kisses!  (Hershey hugs & kisses)
You're a cracker jack kid! (Cracker Jacks)
I'm nuts over you! (small package of peanuts)
Let me count the reeses why I love you!  (Reeses peanut butter cup)
There's nutter butter kid that you! (pack of Nutter Butter cookies)
If kids were apples I'd pick you! (apple)
You're tops! (spinning top from Dollar Store)
Here's a bear hug for you! (small stuffed bear)
Do U-No I love you! (UNO card game)