Scented Cow

Cinnamon & Apple
Scented Cow

Submitted by Fay A. White

These are so cute and easy,
you'll want to make a whole herd!

  • Scent split peas a few days before making cow.  Add drops of Green Apple Oil and Cinnamon Oil to salt or orris root as fixative.  When oil has been absorbed, mix it into the split peas.  Turn them in the jar a few times each day until scent is absorbed.  Make sure they are completely dry before using or they will stain the fabric.
  • Using pattern, cut arms, legs, head, ears and nose from unbleached muslin. Note:  If you are going to finish edges with pinking shears leave a little extra seam allowance.
  • Stitch around arms, legs, ears and nose.  Stuff the nose as you sew.  Trim with pinking shears and do not turn thru.
  • Fold over and stitch ears in when sewing head pieces together.  Turn head, stuff and set aside.  Stuff feet and hands and tie off just above stuffed area.
  • Sandwich legs between two pieces of fabric for dress/body, 8" x 7", right sides together.  Note: 8" side is the top and bottom of dress. Stitch side seams and bottom of dress, catching the tops of legs in the seam.
  • Match up bottom and side seam at corner so that it forms a triangle. (See Pic A)  Stitch across so that cow will sit flat when turned through. (See Pic B)
  • Stitch bottom of neck along the dress bottom seam. (See Pic C)  This will prevent head from flopping.  Turn cow dress/body through.
  • Pleat tops of arms and stitch to side of dress/body by machine.
  • Partly fill bottom of cow with scented split peas and finish filling with a soft filling.  Gather top of dress/body around top of cow's neck.
  • Add bell and raffia bow to cow's neck. Draw on eyes with a black Sharpie pen. (See Pic D)  Glue on nose.  Glue a fringe of mop threads to the top of head. Add bow to head. Paint on black patches with black acrylic paint.
  • Print a poem to add if desired.  Trim and fold in half with poem on front to make a card.

A) Stitched inner seam corner.

B) Sits in a boxy shape
due to sewn inner seam corner.

C) Stitch cow neck to inside
bottom dress seam for support.

D) Close up of cow face slightly squashed by scanner.

Clip Art Credit: Brown Cow