Exotic Sand

Exotic Sand/Sandcastle
by Shirley Thomas @ CraftSayings.com


Starting August 2003, we'll have an Annual Sandcastle Contest, so take a picture!

Ideas: Most kids love making a sand castle! My 8-year old grandson and his friends sure did! Bring sand back from the beach, mix in cornstarch, bag it up and give with directions.  This is a great souvenir for the kids on your list. Or just buy a bag of play sand and mix up a batch

Ingredients: Equal parts water and cornstarch and twice as much sand.   A heaping laundry scoop is about a cup. We used...

  • 4 cups sand
  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 2 cups water

Front of candcastle as shown in picture probably took about a batch and a half or 6 cups of sand.

Instructions: Mix sand and cornstarch in an OLD pot.  It could scratch a new pot.  Pour in water and heat. Keep stirring until sand is like VERY thick mud. Cool and dump onto newspapers outside.  Kids love this project but an adult should do the cooking part and make sure it is cool before giving to kids! Work pieces of it in your hands until it is like play dough. Use any kind of flexible molds like Jell-O cups, butter dishes, laundry scoops, sand buckets, old candy molds etc. to build a castle or you can shape it by hand.  If sand is drying out, wet hands and then work it in your hands.  Keep a bowl of water handy.

Building: If using flexible molds, pack sand in tightly and leave about 1/4 unfilled.  Push in on sides of mold to loosen and tap onto a hard surface to release.  In above picture, towers in middle and to right were made from toilet paper rolls.  Pack sand in tightly and then peel the tube away.  Center "drawbridge" was one of the compartments in a Lunchable.  Tops of towers were single serving Jell-O/pudding disposable cups. Each large stacked "brick" was made by partially filling a laundry scoop.

Tips: Cracks can be smoothed by wetting hands and rubbing over the piece, but we didn't worry much about it! lol Ours is an ancient castle! We molded the pieces and set out to dry but I guess you could stack them while wet or even mold it all by hand. We only got the front of our castle done. It was almost 100 degrees and no ocean nearby to take a dip in!  There was a rainstorm a few days later and the castle came through amazingly well!

Packaging of Exotic Sand: Put the sand and cornstarch in a large Ziploc bag.  Recipe proportions can easily be adjusted. Use a Xyron machine or clear contact paper to make poem label and stick it to the front of bag.  Insert instructions in bag so they can be seen from the back.

Contest Prizes: Please check back but we'll come up with some good ones!

Clip Art Credit: Unknown (mermaid)