Fish in A Bag Soap

Fish in a Bag

  • Use boilable bags so that the hot soap will not melt the bag.  Put the bag inside of a glass or can (size you want finished product to be) and pull top of bag over edges of it and rubber band in place to hold.  Melt soap and add scent and/or glitter if desired. Question:  What kind of glitter is everyone using??
  • Pour in about two inches of hot soap.  Let set slightly, then place the goldfish in the soap.  Let it set completely.
  • Melt the remaining soap.  Spray the soap in bag and goldfish with rubbing alcohol and then pour in the rest of the soap.  This will help the two pours stay together.
  • When finished pouring, spray the top of soap with alcohol to remove some of the surface air bubbles.
  • When cool, blow some air into the bag and hold tightly as you tie the top with ribbon or a twist tie. Don't worry about all of the bubbles...just say the fish made them! lol

A big thank you goes to Carol for letting me post her cute poem.

Clip Art Credit: Unknown