Fabric Print Pin

Fabric Print Pin
by Lori Jean Knowles

Fabric print
Stiff self-adhesive white felt
DecoArt's Triple Thick
FolkArt Gems in
diamond color
Bells, jump rings and/or embellishments
Pin backing

  • Find a fabric print that would make a nice pin. A print without a lot of "twists and turns" when cutting works best.
  • Cut out the print that you'll be using for your pin.
  • Firmly press print to STIFF self-adhesive white felt.
  • Cut out the print on the felt.
  • Brush on a thin layer of DecoArt's Triple Thick with a soft, flat paint brush.  Allow to dry.  A fan helps this process!  The Triple Thick makes the colors really "pop".
  • When dry, brush on a layer of FolkArt Gems in the color diamonds.
  • When dry, put a second coat of "Triple Thick" on the fabric pin.  A third coat is optional.
  • Attach bells with jump rings or embellishments of your choice.
  • Hot glue a pin backing on the back.