Grandma (T-shirts)

Grandma T-Shirt Sayings
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  1. This grandma gives lots of smacks!  (Use a rubberstamp lip print and red paint to make lip prints all over shirt.)

  2. TGIF  This Grandma Is Terrific!   (Stick figure of Grandma with hearts around her or add the work "sez" and put kids names under it.)

  3. Grandma. . . so simple even a child can operate! (Put stick figures of Grandma and kids with hearts around them).

  4. My grandkids are keepers!  (Draw the outline of a fish for each child and put the name in it.) 

  5. Warning! Grandma with photos! (Print photos onto printable fabric and glue or sew onto shirt.)

  6. Hands down, our grandma is the best!  (Dip child's hands in paint and put upside down handprints on t-shirt with a name under each one.)

  7. My grandkids walk all over me.  (with footprints on shirt...could put name under each footprint.)

  8. My grandkids don't walk all over me... (with footprints on front) but they do hold me in the palm of their hands! (with handprints on back)

  9. My grandchildren are real dolls! (Put with Raggedy Ann and Andy iron-ons on shirt.)

  10. Grandma's Little Heartthrobs! (Put each child's name or picture in a heart.)

  11. My grandchildren found the crayons! (Put childlike drawings all over shirt.  Make a stickman for each child with name under it.)

  12. Grandma's heart is a patchwork of love!  (Put with fabric patchwork hearts with grandchild's name on or under each.)

  13. Grandkids are the chocolate chips of life!  (Draw chocolate chips all over shirt and write each name in a circle like a cookie.)

  14. I'm going to be a grandma…. just for the fun of it!  (Good for an expectant grandma.  Use clip art of rattles, diaper pins, baby bottle, etc. printed on fabric and ironed onto shirt.)

  15. My grandkids snow me over! (Draw snowmen with name of each child on shirt or use tiny doilies for snow... good for a sweatshirt in winter.)

  16. Groovy Grandma  (Put the words on t-shirt with pic of 45 record)

  17. My grandchildren each have a piece of my heart!  (Large heart with puzzle shapes drawn on it and a name in each piece.)

  18. Color me grandma! (Cut shapes of a crayon out of solid colored fabrics and iron on, outline with puffy paint and paint name of children on crayons.)

  19. This grandma is an automatic spoiling machine!  (Operates on love)  (Stick figure of Grandma with hearts around her.)

  20. My grandkids are cute as buttons! (Use buttons with names of grandchildren... can use button for head and draw a stick figure body.)

  21. My grandkids are the jewels of my life!  (Draw stick kids and put a rhinestone in center of each body. Write a name under each.)

  22. This grandmother is a member of the XOXO Club! (Fill t-shirt with hearts, x's and o's.)

  23. This grandma is for hugging! (Add hearts.)

  24. Grandma's Little Angel  (Trace child's foot and both hands onto fabric.  Cut out and use the foot as the body and the hands as the wings of an angel. Cut a small circle of light colored fabric for the head and glue on beads for eyes or just draw a head and face with paint marker. If child is a baby, leave as is or glue on yarn hair to match child. Put a small bow under the for girl or blue for boy. Glue on a halo made from a pearl string.) 

  25. Angels are behind grandchildren! (Insert cardboard into a t-shirt and pin back excess so that it is ready to paint on.  This will need at least two people and a young child in a good mood!  Paint the child's bottom with any color of acrylic paint. Sit child on the shirt so that it leaves a fanny impression.  Wash up child!  Let paint dry. The butt cheeks are the angel wings. Paint a face or use a photo iron-on of the child.  Make a "cone" of lace for the dress.  Glue on a halo made from a pearl string.)

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