Dryer Vent Snowmen

Mr. & Mrs. Dryer Vent Snowmen

For each snowman:
24" of 4" flexible vinyl duct
20" of 3" flexible vinyl duct
popsicle stick
small black cup or purchased top hat (Mr.)
black medicine cup or straw hat (Mrs.)
black felt and/or buttons
red felt, Christmas fabric, poinsettia, holly sprig

Mr. Dryer Vent Hose SnowmanMrs. Dryer Vent Hose Snowman

Using scissors for the plastic and then wire cutters for the wire, cut the flexible vinyl duct to the specified lengths.  Form the 4" vinyl duct into a circle and staple together in the back.  Do the same with 3" vinyl duct.  Insert a popsicle stick through the middle of 4" vinyl duct circle and glue in place.  Put some glue on upper part of popsicle stick and insert through the 3" vinyl duct so that the circles are stacked and secured.

Glue on buttons or circles of black felt for eyes and front buttons.  Glue on red felt smile or buttons for mouth.  Cut mitten shapes from red felt and glue to sides.  Tie a strip of Christmas fabric around neck for a scarf. Add a hat. Decorate snowmen as desired with holly, poinsettias, etc.

Hints for Hats:  Use a black cup glued to a black felt circle for the man's hat or use a purchased felt hat and glue in place.   Use a black medicine cup glued to a circle of Christmas fabric for the lady's hat or a purchased straw hat and glue in place.

The flexible vinyl duct was about 35 cents per foot so these are very inexpensive to make!

Clipart Credit:  http://www.edupuppy.com/plusGoodies.cfm